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Bridging the Gap is a blog by a woman named Wendy Gritter which explores the intersection of Chrisitanity and the LGBT community. I was interviewed by Wendy and one of the things I wrote about was my thoughts on waiting until marriage. I'd be curious to hear people's thoughts about what I wrote. You can check it out at:

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Wow. I loved your interview/article. Thought-provoking. Questioning. Soulful. Mature in action and thank you for sharing your own insecurities about it all - esp not being to really find a role model or even a thought leader role model easily. You & Dave must be quite the couple. Strengthened of course by your resolve to wait (WUM!) and by the insecurities you unabashedly share about awkward times of coming together at first (all of us who are married or have been sexually active know those feelings all too well!~).

I have to say... your interview stands on its own quite well - regardless of reading it knowing that it is a married gay couple that is the subject! I would have said all the same things as a married straight couple! :-)


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