Teen Novels that have WTM in them

By Sophie in Projects,
I made a list of teen novels with independent heroines that did not engage in pre-marital sex before the age of 18, but I decided to make a list of teen novels that go even more conservative: waiting until marriage. If you know of any other teen novels that have WTM, please let me know so I can add it to the list! Model - this is a hilariously wonderful autobiography of the most awesome 16-year-old girl Cheryl Diamond, a model in NYC and a girl who is waiting until marriage. This book made me decide to wait until marriage, because Cheryl ROCKS. Anyways, Cheryl is an incredibly independent, confident, wise adolescent girl with a quick mind and a stubborn sense of humour. She is hardly the type of model to starve herself - she is very responsible, and exemplifies what modern girls should be like (in my opinion.) Twilight - Bella waited until marriage, and while many people don't like this series, it HAS encouraged teen girls to wait (I know two of them.) So yes, there is sex, but she is 18, almost 19, and married. And it was Edward who wanted to wait until marriage, so this series shows that it is not just women who value sex: men do, too. I was ecstatic when Stephenie Meyer dared to put WTM in one of the most popular teen series in the world. Distant Waves - I adore the main character of this novel, Jane Taylor. It takes place during the Titanic. It is a wonderful novel, it has a touching romance, but Jane is 19 and still a virgin in the Epilogue (although she would have lost it at 17 if she had the chance to marry...well, I won't spoil it.) Jane is such a strong girl for her time - all her siblings are. Pure - this book is about a group of 15-year-old friends who have sworn to wait until marriage before having sex (for religious reasons, mostly.) Well...Cara breaks this promise and sleeps with her boyfriend. Should her friends completely shun her, or accept her decision and continue to consider her a part of their friendship? It touches so much on the topic of pre-marital sex and waiting until marriage. Cara does decide to have pre-marital sex, but none of the other characters change their minds on this. This novel talks about the consequences of pre-marital sex, as well as the importance of accepting your friends and forgiving them for their mistakes. It has quite a bit of religious undertone, but it is not preachy at all. Pride and Prejudice - okay, arguably not a teen novel but I read it at 14 and loved it. It takes place in the 1700's, so naturally there is no premarital sex for our awesome twenty-year-old heroine, Elizabeth Bennett. The romance is handled very tastefully, and yet it is still one of the most beloved romance novels in English literature. All novels by Jane Austen do not contain pre-marital sex, I believe. So I am recommending all her novels! Infernal Devices- this Trilogy is actually the "prequel" for The Mortal Instruments, but it was published afterwards so there is no specific order you have to read it in. The series has yet to be completed, but seeing as it takes place in the 1800's with a conservative (but very strong and talented) heroine, I highly doubt there will be any sex. Anyone who is fascinated with 19th Century London, Alchemy, and Steampunk will love this series! Not to mention the awesome characters. Warning: I am merely assuming there will be no pre-marital sex because it takes place in the Victorian Era. Unearthly - This is, I believe, a Trilogy. It is a stunning story about Heaven, Nephilims...and some wonderful creative twists thrown in by the author. This is one of the most beautiful angel books I have ever read. And get this: it is the male who wants to wait until marriage, not the girl. He just doesn't feel comfortable with pre-marital sex, and I was upset when she pressured him. It doesn't seem like there's going to be any sex in this series. The main character is 17, and (I think) has recently graduated grade twelve at the end of the second book. If underage sex does happen in the last novel, I will remove this series from the list. The Dark Divine - I absolutely adore this epic trilogy. Want to guess why? Not only does it have an awesome werewolf story, but the main character is waiting until marriage before having sex. Not only does her boyfriend, Daniel, support this, but they both agreed not to get married until graduation from university. There are Christian undertones to this book because the Divine family is very Christian, and the father is even a pastor. It speaks about the true importance of forgiveness, and the importance of family. But you definitely do not have to be Christian to love this series, or even have any religion. Any fan of paranormal stories will love The Dark Divine. The Virginity Club - In Ardsmore High School, a teacher named Ms. Treemont dies, leaving behind a very generous scholarship that will go to a student who must "exemplify purity of soul, spirit, and body." A Virginity Club is formed by a fellow student to help encourage the other students to remain abstinent. I won't lie: there is pre-marital sex in this story, but two of the characters are 18 at the time. Also there is waiting until marriage, and also waiting until true love in university. And the characters who do decide to WTM decide not to marry until they have graduated university. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - this is a vampire series that was released in the height of the Twilight era. The seventeen-year-old, unkissed main character, Jessica, has always known that she was adopted and that her real name is Anastasia...what she doesn't know is that her parents were acually vampires, she is a vampire princess, and her vampire fiancé Lucius has come to her town to whisk her away to Romania. Jessica and Lucius do not engage in sex until she is eighteen and they are married.
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