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The dogs

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Article written by Celestial Revivalle-

I will appoint over them four kinds of doom,” declares the Lord: “the sword to slay, the dogs to drag off, and the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth to devour and destroy. – (Jeremiah 15:3)

It has happened to them according to the true proverb, “A dog returns to its own vomit.” – (2 Peter 2:22)

Hello to all on The Master’s Voice. Here are the dreams I’ve had today.

A woman went in her kitchen, took common household items, stewed them into a drink and drank it. For those who may be interested the items were cinnamon, onion, garlic, turmeric. She boiled these lightly (not long so active ingredients were not destroyed), added a whole squeezed lemon and honey, then sat at her kitchen table absentmindedly blowing the drink and waiting for it to cool. She drank it and went to bed- I had the impression this was her routine several times a week as part of her health regimen and preventative health care.

I kept sleeping and had another dream.

In this dream I saw two large buildings like car washes sitting next to each other. They had the large, dark entryway where you can’t see anything inside and were on opposite sides of the street. Both had lit-up signs with their names- one sign said Pfizer and the other said Moderna. In the dream it was pre-dawn hours, maybe 5 a.m. when it’s still dark and only streetlights light the scene (but you can also tell from the colour of the sky that dawn is on the way).

I saw a large number of very beautiful dogs approaching these two buildings, lovely dogs indeed. Deep pile fur, fluffy and healthy – the kind of dogs that cost money and are well taken care of. They looked like Alaskan snow dogs to me. Dogs came from all four corners of the junction, walked up to the dark entrances of the buildings and sat in line obediently. They were waiting for the buildings to open, they had come from all corners of the neighborhood early to secure their place in line. I thought these dogs were very pretty but the Lord restrained me not to go near them at all, so I stood in my coat at an old fashioned street lamp on the corner and watched.

Eventually the dark mouths of the buildings opened. I didn’t see any staff or personnel come out but somehow the dogs instinctively knew the buildings were open and began to file in one after another, like cars entering a car wash. They all went in and I was alone on the street.

The dream changed and I was walking in my city. I saw so many extremely sick, abandoned and wasted dogs limping about and whining continuously. They were in a terrible state, much of their fur was gone that it seemed they were suffering from serious mange. Some of them had lost teeth, many limped and all of them made that continuous sorrowful whining cry of a dog that’s truly in pain. Most curious is how every single dog had been burnt on its nose- there’s no other description for it- every dog I saw had suffered a gross, singeing burn on its nose such that the whole snout was black, raw and extremely tender. Some of the dogs lay down on the street and crossed their paws over their eyes, some lay on their side panting for breath, but every dog had been severely damaged. I knew I was looking at the same beautiful dogs from before. 

I had a third dream. In this dream I was summoned to the hospital. I went because I was called but I wasn’t sick and didn’t know why the hospital wanted to see me. When I got there I was told I had not yet received my ‘necessary inoculation’ and that it was high time I get it and keep myself safe. For some reason I could not answer (as I know I would in real life); I couldn’t say anything so after flipping through my chart and commending me on my general health the doctor went away to get my injection. I was scared, I’m a grown woman but I was scared. He came back with a very big injection and said ‘Ok stick out your arm let’s get you inoculated.’

I stuck out my arm, the doctor took it and tried to give me the injection. I say tried because something strange happened: the tip of the needle pierced my skin but I saw into my arm, all my veins locked up and became steel. I saw all the veins and arteries in my arm go from red and blue to grey steel, the needle probed and probed my flesh looking for an available one but all my blood vessels turned hard and impenetrable. I also saw that they looked like soldiers- I can’t explain it- the vessels in my arm lined up smartly at attention like soldiers for battle and they refused to let the enemy needle release anything into my body. At last in frustration the doctor told me ‘We will have to revisit this process at another time’, and sent me away home.

That was the last dream I had at 7:40 a.m. and after hearing from the Lord to have understanding I’m here to share. 

Brothers and sisters, take care of your health. If you’re reading this blog then you’re old enough to realize that good health is CENTRAL to quality of life. If your health is not good it likely didn’t get that way overnight. It got bad by degrees and you’re going to have to take responsibility and improve it by degrees also. Health is important to God and it should be to us because we’re going to need it where we’re going.

Next- Dogs are not good in dreams. I know in the Western world they’re seen as man’s best friend, people love them and will do anything for them but please listen. The Bible is older than Western civilization and contains NO positive imagery of dogs. Dogs represent fallenness, collaborative wickedness and sinners. They stand for everything profane and anti-God and are hated by the righteous in scripture. In the Bible to be called a dog is a sign of rejection and reproach.

Dogs represent what is wasted, common and degenerate. Degenerate means base level, dilapidated and destroyed, LOW, given over to the baser and more evil desires of nature.

Dogs signify enemies in the Bible, they represent the pack-lifestyle of evil ones waiting to destroy the righteous. They signify those of a low mindset who do what God hates. King David asked God to deliver him from the power of dogs (Psalm 22:20). He said “I’m surrounded by dogs, a circle of evil men have surrounded me!” (Psalm 22:16) Dogs tore Jezebel to pieces when she fell from a window, as a curse and a sign of JUDGEMENT (2 Kings 9:20). They licked up her husband’s blood when he disobeyed God one too many times (1 Kings 22:38) Jesus even said not to give precious things to dogs and He called a woman a dog to show she was not part of His people (Matthew 15:26).

I pray we hear God’s heart today. These dreams are clear and even if they’re not the interpretation is provided. God is warning with love, reproof and some really blunt pictures to tell people not to join this supposed solution to coronavirus. To be depicted as a dog in a dream (no matter how fluffy and well-cared for) shows the nature of who will accept these vaccines. They are the ones who don’t listen, who won’t hear reason, who imagine themselves wiser than God. They do what He says not to do and see this vaccine as ‘taking preventative care’ when really the opposite is true. Those dogs were burnt on the nose which is the most sensitive and tender part of a dog, in the same way God is saying this so-called solution will hurt humanity in their most tender places and leave them in the same condition as how the beautiful dogs ended up in the second part of the dream.

Just as the dogs lined up pre-dawn at those two buildings so I’ve been hearing the news say that people come as early as 4 and 5 a.m. to secure a place in line for a vaccine shot. People are doing all they can to receive this inoculation but God says have nothing to do with it. These are His direct warnings so please do not write me asking ‘So Celestial are you saying…?’ I am telling you what God showed me, what HE is saying. Each one must respond to HIS WARNING as they see fit. Amen.

Kindly share these warnings with your loved ones, if they listen you have gained their safety. 

P. S. I am editing this post to say something, something that readers will be a witness to in future. It’s pressing on my heart and I have to say it. There will be a great cry in this nation over these vaccines, a cry so great that America will wish to Almighty God she had never heard the word ‘vaccine’. I say to you by the Spirit of the Lord that people will tear their flesh with this vaccine, no matter what you think of me now remember this. There will come a cry of lament and SORROW in this country over what this vaccine will do to people; there will be almost no home without grieving because of the side effects and direct effects of this. Let it be noted here, NOW, that somebody warned and told you so. Let yourselves be the witness.

More on this theme here: Survival Of The Fittest (blog post), Survival Fittest (video), The Vaccination Booths (blog post), Vac. Booths (video). God bless. 

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