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Redacted information revealed

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Original article written by Celestial Revivalle on the blog The Mater's voice:

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. – (Luke 8:17)

A few weeks ago I said I’d start sharing “facts” the Lord has been giving me. I call them facts because even though they’re about things that already exist, facts can still be prophecy if the information comes from God Himself as a message. The next posts have this kind of info- it may be old as the hills to some yet never heard before by others. Some of it has been hotly debated around the world for years, I mean DECADES and yet, what surprised me the most was that God would speak about these things, that He would actually have perspectives on them that I’d never heard before. I am thankful He brought them up though- these revelations are important and I believe we need to hear them. 

I remember one particular topic I’ll get to, having so many conversations with friends and family about it- is it true, is it not true– never being able to reach a conclusion. As a child the possibility of it being true scared me, but it excited other people (that made me even more nervous about it.) When I became a Christian I settled on a position and dismissed the idea completely, but God has shown me how very wrong I was.

I remember one long discussion with dad when I was just ten or so- he on one end of the spectrum with all of us- siblings, cousins and me- firmly on the other end. We said “Dad this is just TV, nothing more. It’s Hollywood’s imagination for us because we’re young and ’cause this sort of thing is cool now, it’s trendy and that’s why it’s all over TV. It’s not really real, it’s just movies.” I must say, at the end of that talk my father gave us the greatest look of the pity I’ve ever seen on anyone’s face and said something so profound that it took me almost 30 years to grow into the revelation of it.

He said: “You guys are so young. You don’t know anything. You don’t understand, do you? Once you see it on TV that means they already have it. They’re already doing it, it’s already real. Then he left us to our movie. I’ll share more about this later, little did I know then but Dad never nailed anything in his life more perfectly than the day he told me that TV is the greatest predictor of the world we live in, and that it’s done on purpose. This was something God would show up in my life decades later and confirm.

Okay let’s get to it.

As I said this stuff may be old news to some of you. To me, a lot of it was “Wait a minute Lord- you said WHAT?” However you take this, I need to make this clear. I didn’t get this from Google. I didn’t read a magazine or find this on the net. The Lord told me this.  Afterwards, because I knew about it I started some light research and am amazed to find clues pointing in the direction that these things are indeed real, and true. Here’s one.

Redacted Information Revealed [Things God told me that early morning]

June 8, 2020: I had a lot of dreams but unfortunately I don’t remember them. However just as I woke up the Lord spoke to me. He said the time of buried information being made public is here. The time of hidden things is now, in particular buried information will start to come out, the type of information held and kept by government agencies is what He was talking about.

One exact statement was formerly redacted papers will be published for the public to know certain things. One incident He spoke of is how redacted papers that explain in detail how the popular figure in the car was killed will be published. The redactions will be removed and the information published in an attempt to bring closure and resolution of sorrow and guilt to America. God said the government will think that publishing these papers will bring healing and understanding to the nation concerning the death of this man, but it will have the opposite effect. Instead of healing people will express great rage and disbelief that the government even does this sort of thing, and they’ll be extremely angry over this particular death. God said two names in association with this killing: Lyndon Johnson and George Bush Snr.

Redacted papers of all kinds will be exposed for public consumption and a lot of previously secret knowledge will come out for everyone to hear about. I had a vision of many papers being typed over backwards, the black squares ◼◼◼◼◼ that were covering everything were removed. Some papers only had a few squares ◼◼◼ here and there but some were so heavily redacted I wondered how anyone could have read them and understood anything with that much information blacked out. Some papers looked like this:

redacted 3

When I saw that I thought But what would be the point of releasing a document like this? You can’t see anything or make head or tails out of it, everything is hidden!

Anyway, the Lord said a time of truth is coming but it will not bring the type of healing or reconciliation the government expects. They’re expecting to be praised or warmly regarded by the public for being “open”, or at least hoping the public will trust them better because they’re sharing information, but people will respond with vitriol for being lied to at this level for all this time. 

Below is the direct prophetic utterance as the Lord dictated it to me:

Redacted information revealed. Huge public data dumps, one after another. Long time secrets kept, pacts made, agreements entered into, and hidden undertakings to do evil- EXPOSED.

The CIA, FBI and other long time agencies that were formed with wide reaching powers, ((1) powers that do not fit the constitution, (2) powers that break the law, (3) powers that were not subject to public oversight, (4) powers that were never examined by public watchdog agencies, or (5) submitted for examination and voting by responsible government bureaus)- these long time agencies will begin to confess projects they were working on as far back as the 1950s and 60s without public knowledge or consent.

They will confess things they did to entire communities, where many lives were destroyed because they conducted “experiments” to see if they could get a particular result.

They wanted to see how people reacted to a certain substance if it was introduced into their food or water supply without their knowledge (and by extension, without their consent.)

They wanted to see what would happen to children if they were treated a certain way as opposed to other children, or what would happen if their bloodstream were exposed to A and B and C substance.

Many medical things were done to people who came to hospital without them ever knowing they were part of a control group or “study”- the doctors were informed to monitor for this and that without sometimes being told why. Sometimes they were told (and they willingly participated), but sometimes they were not. Things were done through vaccinations for example, they will be confessed.

Redacted information revealed says the Lord. CIA your papers will be forthcoming. They will be revealed in their full nature though some will have the names blacked out to let the responsible parties [who are very old men now, those who are still living] die in peace. 

Redacted information means “blacked out information”, hidden information, secret information, confidential information, “TOP SECRET”, protected information, private information, information that’s only given on a “need to know” basis, says the Lord. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED says God, yet now the time for confession, revelation, public outrage, public backlash, public shock, fear, rage and tears- even elation in some instances- is at hand. 

Everything that was done in secret will come to light. I will not leave one stone unturned, says the Lord. All things will be naked and revealed before the Maker of Heaven and earth. The television set will be like a confidant and best friend, all the news you never thought you’d see in your life will be shown there and people will be glued to their seats. The Information Age is coming, so plug in and listen close says the Spirit.


Experiments and secret deals have taken place. Murders and assassinations have taken place. Coups have been mounted– successfully, silently, without anyone but a select few knowing why an otherwise ordinary nation suddenly erupts into fascism, racism, political backlash and war. ‘International espionage and sabotage’ on a grand scale, with the United States of America at the helm. 

Deaths and assassinations are piled on your head investigative bureaus: CIA is your name, FBI is your name, Langley is your name. Your underground experiments are coming to light. Your secrets are being leaked. Your files are being opened and confessions are being made. You will confess what you did and the nation will roll like the sea in turmoil from the sheer magnitude of what you say, with disbelief at what you had audacity to do.

Redacted [hidden] you made it, but I the Lord UN-REDACT IT. I REVEAL THE HIDDEN THINGS OF THIS EARTH, IS THERE ANYTHING THAT WAS MADE THAT I THE LORD GOD HAVE NOT MADE? The earth, the sea with all her terrible things beneath, I the Lord have made them. I see everything. I know everything. I am in all. I am opening the books and settling all accounts, nothing shall be unpaid. No debt whether good or evil shall go unrewarded, no wickedness unrequited, no good deed unblessed. I the Lord am the sword of Justice coming to balance the books.

Secret keepers, reveal your secrets. I command it from Heaven. You on the earth, WATCH AND IT SHALL BE SO. 

Controlled substances were given to children and monitored on an ongoing basis to see their reaction to narcotics and other drugs that should never be given to minors. Many died, many suffered permanent and irreparable harm included but not limited to brain damage and paralysis. 

Injections and various ‘vaccines’ were tried on human subjects without number. Many died because early trial concoctions were not well made at all. However other vaccines were developed on people as well, ones that work well, though also without their knowledge or consent. Human life is expendable, says the Lord. Human life can be used up and thrown away in pursuit of power, knowledge and a commercial advantage. Listen.

Mind control was done and ‘mental slavery’. Mental slavery means being programmed to do things against your will and you will do them without remembering that you did not want to do them, and without remembering that you did them [if that’s the outcome the trainer or programmer is looking for]. Mental slavery is a form of mind control. Many many forms of mind control have been done by the U.S. government, all with varying degrees of success. 

Vicious dogs were used on people as a training tool. This is a fear program. A dog will train a human being through fear faster than a human being will ever train a dog. This is what God says: Fear is a highly weaponised currency in America. A dog is a very useful tool on a human being, whether you call it “Man’s best friend” or not. A dog can kill if used properly, a dog can be desensitised, a dog can be wicked says the Lord. If used in the hands of the right master, if starved and beaten, if attacked and properly trained a dog can become a weapon. Dogs are weapons in the United States and used in secret protocols to train humans and put them into a state of “subjective thinking” where their conscious mind will do anything they are told because of the fear has been programmed into them as a trigger to do whatever is the desired outcome that’s wanted from them. It makes them go to the state of a small child, to a shivering, weeping, easily manipulated state.

A dog is a weapon, says the Lord.

Medical research was done without consent and in many cases, without knowledge, especially on African Americans and other populations of a certain demographic without education or much access to better healthcare. Many of them could not read their forms and signed with X’s, they signed things they did not know that gave access to their organs and different types of body matter and fluids without knowledge or consent. Babies of these people were tampered with in vitro to see the effect after birth, this is one example. This is one type of testing, ‘unknown testing’ so that the subject can be monitored over a series of hospital visits for the data to be captured, checked up on and studied unknown to them.

Electroshock therapy was administered to the genitals and other sensitive areas of living adults, including on the tongue and in ears and on ear lobes. Naked people were covered with water and electrocuted. 

Strobe lighting, says the Lord. STROBES. This causes mental illness and degeneration. This causes split personality. It makes a person scream if done correctly, they hold their head and scream and scream, it can also make them crazy. Strobes make a person unable to sleep if the light in their room is set to that frequency, they cannot sleep, they cannot rest. They become jittery, unstable and eventually hysterical. Strobe lighting was used for confessions, says the Lord and is still used and very effective today.

I see a person left in a dark room with what looks like flipping disco lights set around the room going off at intervals and very very LOUD MUSIC played incessantly into the room. This causes high tension in the body, severe stress, elevated heart rate and madness. The person is shaved bald and in some kind of blue clothes like pyjamas. They’re holding their head and screaming and screaming til tears flood down their cheeks, but this scenario of noise and tripping white lights does not stop for some days.

Instruments of torture. That is all. It does not need explanation. Torture is as old as the sun. Virtually anything can be used to torture a person, including rape and sexual molestation. It is effective on children as well as adults, sexual abuse will work on anyone and is the most effective breaker of human beings there is. All this is in their files. 

‘Waterboarding’ was done to an excessive level causing choking, vomiting and death. This instrument of torture is one America knows about and largely condoned because they thought it was a suitable punishment for their ‘enemies’. Surprise, surprise – it has been used and is still being used on YOU, members of the nation, U.S. CITIZENS, says the Lord. Waterboarding makes you vomit and feel like you are dying. You vomit and then sit in your vomit and they leave you until it is time for more. This is all He says about it.

I see people sitting in stripey white pyjamas with dried orange vomit down their front, shaved bald, holding their heads and very tired. These people are very very tired and some are wishing they could die. In most of these places I see the walls are light blue or watery pale aquamarine tile and look like bathrooms, and this is for easy washing of the walls later.

People’s private parts were removed to see how long they could live without them [mostly males]. I can see a man on a gurney with a red hole where his privates should be, and he is dead. Digits [fingers, toes] were also removed systematically, one by one, largely to study the effects of something God called “toxic shock syndrome” on the body. Also to check how long digit injury and removal can continue before a subject will “exsanguinate”.

Lastly- many informants have been killed. Whistleblowers, truth-tellers, these people are not wanted in the United States. These people are hated and treated as enemies of the State. They are sacrificed and hunted down, or excluded from places they formerly were treated as equals and colleagues. They encounter a great deal of rejection from former co-workers and the public alike, their stories are hard to believe so they also endure great pain and hardship before they die because they’re subject to extreme ridicule and harassment. They face great risk of harm, they are monitored and threatened constantly.  Some are put in jail of false charges and some are killed right away. They die bitter and angry, overlooked by the public because nobody believes them at the time of their revelation. However redacted information will vindicate them and their reward is with the Lord.

Therefore do not pronounce any judgment before it is time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose every purpose of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God. – (1 Corinthians 4:5)

This is the end of the prophetic revelation I received on this matter.

Prophecy: God says hidden information of secret government dealings will begin to hit the spotlight. Some of it they will reveal it by themselves as a play to gain public confidence, and some of it will be leaked by people called whistleblowers and enemies of the state. Either way the time of tightly controlled secrets in the U.S.A is about to end, God will make secret things come to light and everyone will know from TV [and I guess other media sources] what really happened in many events of the past. God told me more about the media’s role while we will get to later.

Prophecy: God mentioned the popular figure who was killed in the car. This is none other than President John F. Kennedy. The two men named by the Lord in connection with this killing are the late Pres. George Bush Snr. and the late Pres. Lyndon Johnson.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. More will be posted in this prophetic facts series. Follow the blog, move your screen up and down then click the Follow+ button that pops up on the lower right. Share, Like, Comment and use social media buttons below. God bless.

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