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No kissing baby

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Article written by Celestial Revivalle



It is very early for me, (7 a.m. New York Time), but I'm going to share this dream I just had while the fear of the Lord is still on me.

This dream is short, sharp and brutal- it's message is clear if you have ears. So I am not going to argue or debate with anyone about it, reason being-

I'm an easygoing person. We can talk all subjects and I'm curious, open minded or knowledgeable as the case may be. The only subjects I never "debate" are what's written in plain red or black in the Holy Bible, and WHAT I SEE in blunt, obvious REALITY in my prophetic dreams. Those things for me are fixed and immovable- my opinion on them is "Whatever God said." My life rule is, if its not aligned with Bible then it's not for me.

Note I said, "I don't debate the REALITIES I SEE"- not "the images I dream". No, I know and understand the dreams God gives me are direct communication of TRUTHS He wants me to catch and share with others, so when I dream I don't wake up and try to debate with God. I don't do "Ok God what if the situation is ABC, is it different in that case?"

Especially when the situation is BAD or a WARNING- I don't have time to let negotiations or my own opinion carry me to hell. I hold my dream with two hands and start to pray on it: "Lord, let it not be me. This is not my portion, I reject it for myself. As Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar- King! This is not good! Let this be the portion of your enemies, but not for you!"


Dream: I saw myself on a bridge in Paris, a heart-fluttering bridge called 'Le Pont Des Arts'- a bridge where for endless years, lovers from all over the world brought a special lock inscribed with their names to lock it on the bridge and throw the key in the river. They do it as a sign their love won't break, but honestly who knows how many of those locks lasted in real life. Anyway I saw a woman on that bridge, lovely dress, gorgeous sunset around her looking all around waiting for a man she was expecting to show up. That woman is in this group.

God set me right behind her and created a screen above her head, showing me her thoughts and intentions, SHOWING ME ALSO HER IMMEDIATE FUTURE. On it I saw the man arrive with great excitement, flowers, music and love. They were so happy to see each other and indeed, they were a DESTINY MATCH. This was her right and God-given husband, she was his right wife.

However I saw in the woman's mind many romantic ideals. She had many personal ideas of how love is supposed to go, and they were not all sanctified ideas. Her heart was so on fire for love that when the man in his own high passions leaned in to kiss her, he raised his hands to her face to kiss her, she upturned her face and accepted the kiss. When they kissed the music stopped playing, the sunset vanished and it went ugly. The two of them had no idea this happened, it took place in the spirit because GOD WAS NOT HAPPY. The screen went off, and I realised when the man comes this is how this woman will behave, all this was her inner intention. If this man tried to kiss her, indeed she would kiss him back.

Now in real life on that bridge, I saw the sister on her tiptoes, watching out for him. She had high anticipation, why not?- AFTER ALL GOD HAD ALREADY CONFIRMED TO HER THERE'S A MAN COMING! So she had every right to believe Him, trust and expect a man to show up.

But the man never came. The woman waited and waited, I was standing there with her- the sun set and it got dark, other people walked by on their way home from work etc. She stood there losing hope, getting anxious and heartbroken because the man was late and never showed up for their date. I saw her sadness and disappointment and I felt bad for her. I dreamed this scene of the dream twice.

This is part one. The dream continues shortly.


30th of  july 2019



I dreamt a woman never seeing the man show up for the destiny date twice. (Please look for Pt 1 and catch up, thanks.)

The third time I dreamt- I saw the same scene, her inner heart, what she believed is "ok" in dating, what she's willing to do when the man came. The screen returned: This time I saw her caress the man, she ran a hand all over his face, tracing every section, lingering on his eyes, ears and lips. The man was excessively aroused by this act, but as they were in public place on this bridge thank God for Jesus, he nor she could do nothing to act on that arousal. She saw his reaction to her touch and was happy- she truly did love him and was glad to see he had powerful feelings for her. The screen vanished.

Then in real life I saw the man coming at last. He was still in the spirit, so he came with wow... clouds around him, he was approaching with proper heavenly glory carrying his flowers, his deep love, the music was playing, etc.

This man got to about two steps from this woman and my brothers and sisters, The HAND OF GOD, which I've seen so often in dreams showed up and blocked him. I saw the hand appear right in the air and block him, and he being spirit was able to see it and was confused. His step stopped and his face creased up. He was looking at the woman who couldn't see him, then at the hand, and I saw him thinking "But why, are you sure God?"

Hmmm.. To make sure this man doesn't approach any further, an angel appeared and took the man by the hand. The angel looked ready for long distance trip, ready for FLIGHT- This angel looked like an angel of SPEED such as those who sprinted Lot and his slow-moving family out of Sodom before the fiery rain. This angel took this son of God by the hand, bundled him and his flowers, love, music, everything and hustled him off that bridge so fast it was not funny. In a FLASH like in the Avengers comics, the man was gone. The woman never saw none of this happen- all she knew was, the man never came. By this third dream God gave me proof of what took place in the spirit so that the man never came.


I'll give it to you straight: If you play with God, he will play with you. Observe Scripture: (Psalm 18:25-26)

"With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful;
With a blameless man You will show Yourself blameless;
With the pure You will show Yourself pure;
But with the devious YOU SHOW YOURSELF SHREWD."

Devious means- Having a particular bent; crafty; SNEAKY; NOT STRAIGHT, NOT HAVING INTENTION TO DO RIGHT. Shrewd means: Excessively WISE, ingenious, KNOWING HOW TO OUTSMART AND OUTFOX THE COMPETITION.

In other words, if we think we're clever, God will show us who is cleverer still. As I watched that angel bundle the man and race him away I realised with fear that many are alone NOT because of satan but because of what's still hidden in their hearts and minds. They've said NO  TO SEX, but alll the little tasty treats that precede sex are still on the menu for them as things they can enjoy while saving "the big package" for wedding night. Beloved... Fed-Ex won't deliver ANYTHING to us if we continue to blur boundary lines of what God allows before marriage.

I see various chats and ideas on Facebook- it's alright- we are now millions of different backgrounds, upbringings and life experiences; there's always going to be differences in standards, ideals etc. But WE WHO ARE SAVED are a Commonwealth of FAITH- we're different but we all serve CHRIST. HE IS THE HEAD WHO DOES NOT WAVER OR CHANGE HIS STANDARD FOR ANYONE, so we must conform to His image and likeness in how we conduct ourselves.

Holiness and Purity are not ideals or suggestions, they are COMMANDS. Holiness is a prerequisite to "see God", it's a command: Be Holy as I am Holy. It's not subject to what we think is a holy act, or is acceptable, or is "ok", or is "not so bad, it's just a little ABC".

God Almighty who is the one that promises and gives husbands and wives, will nevertheless SNATCH your God-ordained from your path if you continue to entertain any ideas about inappropriate touching, stroking, kissing or exciting a man or woman IN ANY WAY due to the high passion that always comes with new love. HE will block your courtship and marriage- not satan. You'll be doing warfare prayer against the devil with tears, you'll KNOW the man is delayed for some reason, and satan will find it hilarious because the one who blocked you is YOU.

I posted a dream here about what God will do if anyone has sex before marriage, but I see many women, MANY still don't know what's acceptable conduct before Jesus's eyes in the time before marriage. If you wouldnt kiss a man in front of your natural father who himself is able to kiss your mother because they have wedding bands, what makes it ok to start kissing men in front of Christ? Is that your husband? Is that your wife? Did TV tell you "a little taste" before the ring is how we know we've bought good wine- or does the Bible not say that even a pinch of yeast will leaven the lump? So why then do we continue to believe that small touches are not like throwing kindling on a little fire, won't it rise up and burn down the house? Stop compartmentalising sexuality- one part (a hand, the lips, the eyes) IS LINKED TO ALL THE PARTS (the mind, the genitals, the thoughts and desires that flare up and want to destroy our "wait").

Let us be willing to keep it simple as a 2-yr old. You like me, talk to my God about it. Talk to my pastor, talk to my two parents who are waiting for your phone call. Don't come start rubbing my goods and sampling my face, then tell me 8 months later "I don't feel led of the Lord to continue." LADIES, THIS IS WHY WE'RE SAD, DISAPPOINTED AND FEEL USED. Start from ground zero, KEEP YOURSELF TO YOURSELF AND SANCTIFY YOUR MIND- Then God will send the angel to hustle the man towards you, and not take him away.

Let those who can hear, hear. Celestial loves you, shalom.


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