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Godly marriages and families

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Original post from ministry The two shall be one
Marriages & Families must now be recalibrated to SUIT GOD’S KINGDOM purposes. Hence the lockdown even in the church. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. God begun by instituting godly marriage and He is beginning again to relay that same foundation. Women especially cannot be more IN TUNE with their Pastor than with their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and their own husbands. Single & married men cannot be more concerned in looking good in public more than pleasing God and their wives in private. It has brought jealousy, envy, instability and great loss of kingdom power and authority in the earth. But now even as we pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven... let us commit ourselves to this righteous reset. Heavenly Father we repent for believing we could build YOUR KINGDOM our way. From now on it’s #FamilyFirst #GodlyUnions #KingdomMarriages #YourWillNotOurWill For THINE is the Kingdom, The Power & The Glory. Forever and ever. Amen!


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