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The two shall be one

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Original post from the ministry "The Two shall be one"

When God is preparing men to be godly husbands, He creates in them a clean heart and a right spirit - after His own image. (Psalm 51:10, Gen 1:27, Jeremiah 18:4) So when you as a woman remain in the flesh you literally position yourself to MISS your blessing. Not because he is not ready but because you may not be ready when the man is ready. This week in quarantine read Matthew 25:1-13. Especially vs 10. Friends this ministry is here to help prepare and position you for #supernaturalmarriage so that the spirit of God propels you into ordained partnership for His purposes and His glory. But truly the virgins who did not store oil ... meaning they did not get themselves in the spirit with God, were not prepared to receive the groom and the window of opportunity was shut. COVID19 will not be here forever. NOW is the time to set your heart and soul on building or renewing intimacy with God. Remember supernatural marriage is a forerunner and prophetic witness of the preparation of the Bride of Christ for our soon coming bridegroom King Jesus Christ. This morning during our prayer call the word of wisdom from the Holy Spirit was “store oil” in HIS PRESENCE. Don’t be out here in the flesh playing with your destiny. Get in the spirit sis. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights and HE IS IN THE SPIIRT. A word is enough to the wise #thedayigetmarried #thetwoshallbeone


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