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Another look ahead

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Article written by Celestial Revivalle

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I'm not sure how to put this post. I give all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, maker of worlds, revealer of secrets. May you help me Lord to speak, let your same urgent exhortation you gave me today come out for others too, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Family I want to share what I got this morning from God. I'm not one who will post about the wave of new cars or houses coming, those things are nice but it's not my calling. I rarely get light prophecy, I am a watchman and God shows me very blunt things to warn the Body (so we can all know the hour and get our souls ready). To me, it's better to know what time it is spiritually than to have all the "Get ready get ready get ready!" prophecy in the world, because what if I get ready the wrong way and lose my soul?

Brothers/ sisters whatever else you got lined up on the agenda it is time to look after your soul. It is time to act like a sailor out on a rough sea who sees the storm  coming and knows he won't make land before it hits- so he needs to tighten everything on the ship and ask God to help him ride it out successfully.

Times have CHANGED people, right in front of us- yet many are still blind to the lateness of the hour thinking this is just a break, then we gonna "get right back" to real life. No no and no! I can't stress this enough. Things are different and they're NOT going back to how they were. They're going to get tighter, more difficult and infinitely worse before we finally see our Lord coming to get us out of the tribulation period. Therefore we have to (1) work on and (2) maintain robustness in our souls or we will not be able to COPE with the bitter doses of reality we're about to be force fed. Please hear this woman and be serious. God will still bless you and give you all the things you're praying for, but Jesus said we'll receive all those blessings WITH PERSECUTION.

What is persecution? Persecution is being tormented and unfairly treated, being treated badly on purpose as opposed to everyone else, usually because of religious or political beliefs. Persecution means evil words in public, being spat on because of hatred, it means exclusion, separation, maltreatment, beating, jail and (sometimes) death. So we must know if Jesus said we'll get our blessings with persecutions, it means persecution's groundwork is being laid in the dark Kingdom even while I'm typing this.

This is a time to watch and pray, get on your knees and ask God to show you what's coming in future. I guarantee you won't see a pony and pink ribbons - TRYING TIMES are ahead, perilous times, worse natural disasters that will hit the major centers of the world more and more instead of always hitting the 3rd world where they end up crying and nobody cares except for CNN who goes there for ratings. No. We will see crying right here at home, hunger right here at home. America I keep telling you: You will be hungry. You will be broke. They are lying to you on TV. A nation 25+ trillion in debt cannot magically give over 327m people FREE MONEY. Hello! Did nobody play Monopoly as a child?  Any money the economy does not naturally make can't come out of thin air; it must be PRINTED and somebody (i.e. you and me, not those doing the printing) will foot the bill later in the form of TAXES. This trick has been pulled a ton of times before but I promise you this time America will not get away with it. There will be fallout.

You will not watch UNICEF's lying ads anymore and eat popcorn and wonder what Africans did to make themselves so poor. You will not have time to think about that, because you'll be wondering why eggs cost this much and when will flour come back to your store and why isn't milk available and why is rent so high and a lot of other gradually worsening things. You will weep because of how much value will leak out of the dollar, I've seen visions of people walking on the US dollar and other currencies, "walking" as in footstep  on top of balance because it crashed and lost ALL VALUE.

Society went back in time and NO you will not be in Heaven when it happens you will be right here, right here to see cashless society born with your own two eyes Jesus gave you. Rapture has been severely mis-taught in our churches and though that isn't my message for today I want to let somebody know, we are not going anywhere until we have seen specific things happen on this planet and one of those things is: Money will fail. God will break the US dollar, the global god will fall, and then we will see panic and confusion that maybe hasn't been since people realized Noah's boat was about to leave without them. We need strong faith and strong souls for the remaining years ahead, YES you will be happy because God will be a covering cloud and glory over His TRUE BELIEVERS (may you get why I wrote that in caps), but also yes we're going to witness pain and chaos and everything else Corona is giving us a preview to now.

As God has said on this page at least 3 times since I opened it: DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED. If you don't know what a desolation is (or even if you do) Google that word and let it sink in what it truly means. Let this virus be a wake up call to us church, we need to take heed to our souls. Let this virus be a wake up call to you skeptic, who still wants someone to "prove to you that God is real." There's no more time for that, make your choice in or out. Let this virus be a wake up call to you unbeliever, who says there is no God, or who loves the sinful life and party times too much to quit. Don't let the spirit of death catch you unaware. Don't let Jesus find you sleeping! The clock has wound down to NOTHING. Now, the realness begins. Selah.

Dreams and warning ⚠️ to be posted shortly. Blessings from CR.

Aucune description de photo disponible.

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