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Engaged waiter here!

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Hi there, guys and gals!

I wanted to introduce myself here.  I want to be pretty anonymous on this site and not give out who I am, to respect the privacy of my upcoming marriage!  But I will tell you I've been waiting my **entire** life, and I'm 36 years old (I still cringe to say or type that), and I'm getting married in 4 months <3

I grew up in Evangelical Purity culture, which meant well but was quite damaging to me on an emotional level.  It made sure I didn't have sex before marriage, but didn't keep me from using porn and developing very unhealthy ideas about sex.  I am working through overcoming and healing from these damaging things, and it's a good thing.  I am really looking forward to sex with my groom-to-be, but I have some hold-over issues that have evolved from thinking as people who didn't wait as dirty and damaged.  

I am a Christian, a Catholic, to be specific.  I converted to the Catholic church about a year ago.  It's helped me a lot in these things to see sex as a holistic thing and not separate from our day-to-day lives.  It was the reason, when I was younger, that I could look at porn and be addicted to masturbation, but thought I was "pure" because I wouldn't dare have any form of sex.  This isn't healthy, and I'm glad I was freed of it.

I'm so glad I found this site.  I've already had some freeing discussions.  I hope to have many more, even after I'm married.


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