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So i was always someone wanting to wait until marriage. Ive been seeing this guy for almost a year, and he finally tells me the truth about his sexual past. He used dating apps and hooked up with a few girls. I feel so upset and really dont know if i can accept it. I love him but i dont want to continue a relationship that will make both of us miserable. Any advice?? Should i end this now?

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It's up to you whether you can accept it.

If it was that important to you then you should have prodded him from the beginning. I always ask this from the onset since I know that it would bother me so much that I can no longer date them. 

It does concern me the these were hookups and not even actual relationships which would make me question how he values sex. He's also waited an entire year to tell you which is also unfair to you since you would develop feelings during this time which would make this decision much harder and is overall very selfish of him imo. 

If you will hold this against him you need to leave. Even if you think you can get over it is would still say leave to clear your head so that your feelings for him aren't clouding your judgement and that you make the right decision 

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