How do I stop being so negitive and depressed all the time?

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Do you go to therapy? Because I've seen a similar trend in your questions and I feel like you really need to talk it out with somebody and think therapy would really help. It won't magically help you but it's a first step. If you already do, I don't know how to help you sorry bud . I hope one day you can come to terms with yourself ❤

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Hi DHZ, 

  I agree with seabutterfly. Therapy can help or talk with someone you trust about your problems. From own experience, being by yourself  with your problems sometimes is not a good solution because we might amplify our feelings about issues and not see clearly. If we talk with somebody we trust and knows us he or she can helps find a solution to a problem or help us mirror our feelings and calm us down. In addition, doing something active or something we enjoy can sometimes help with our depressed and negative feelings because it provides an outlet for those emotions. Finally, our environment can have an influence on our feelings and emotions such as a group of friends. 

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