A.C Green: Iron Virgin (video)

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15 hours ago, Javier said:

Thank you very much for sharing this video ! :) I do admire AC Green a lot. This man is absolutely inspirational for me...especially because he managed to remain a virgin whereas he was in an area such as sport ! I mean, most of celebrities involved in sport have random, casual sex.

And AC Green, despite his talent, didn't do that. In my eyes, he's really a strong man. Another thing in him that is really admirable : his deep faith  in God. And he proved his love for Jesus by acting with christian principles on and out of the basket court. Plus, he waited for a very long time to get married, and even if other people were making fun of him, he remained in his obedience toward God. What a man ! 

He also had a great impact on many youngs who were watching his games and were looking for a model to imitate... This man is definitively an inspiration for me.

His wife is really gorgeous :

téléchargement (94).jpg

I remember that I had read somewhere that when he got married, he stayed two months in honey moon :lol: He deserved it ! 

He has achieved many great things, included, the building of a center of education for teenagers in the area in which he grew up.


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He's so cool and inspirational. I know someone like him who is a football player his name is Philip Rivers.


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