What are things you long for in a relationship beyond just wtm?

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If you guys are anything like me, there's so much more to your interests in another person past just them being a wtm. It's sad to me that that's the only thing I can focus on these days, and that it makes my options so limited, with not much freedom to search for people with certain traits and personalities that I love. I'm curious about what things you guys would love in another person beyond them being a wtm/virgin/etc. Let's make it so that's not the only think we're forced to think about!

Ladies, what things do you long for in a relationship, other than making sure they aren't going to pressure you for sex?

Fellas, what things do you daydream about, other than a relationship where the girl won't make you feel like less of a man?

Or in general, what would you love in another person or in a group of friends or community?

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My main priority, above WTM, is associating with people who are fellow Christians and growing in faith. Any potential suitor would have to be well grounded and Christ centric. If she's a new convert it wouldn't necessarily be an issue as long as she is willing to lengthen courting/engagement until some consistency or history is there so we have a strong foundation for marriage. At a minimum she'd need to believe in salvation from faith in Christ alone.

I'm definitely more traditionally minded with regards to gender roles so the thing I look forward to most in marriage is having and adopting children.

Community wise I find the more mellow "small town" vibe to be mire inline with what I expect. There's definitely a lack of respect for property, personal space, and general cleanliness in the larger metro areas from my experiences. It makes things so much easier when people are more dependent on one another as forming friendships comes much quicker.

Basically, I think genuine (not forced or coerced) kindness is one attribute I really need in a friendship or community setting.


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Someone who lives for Christ in all their entirety.

Compatibility is also crucial, I believe it strengthens the relationship and creates a strong bond i.e going for evangelical missions, charity works, visits to orphanages, cooking together etc.

Someone with whom I share a higher level of intimacy, transparency, openness, trust, and a deeper level of understanding.

Just us two committed souls thriving to live for Christ in this vain world.


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