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Online dating?

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OK, before I give my thoughts, I am curious...based on your wording I feel like there's a possibility that maybe you have not waited until marriage. Have you? Or, have you decided at some point that you are now? For some people who are waiting that can important. So, you'll want to find out if that's something that's important to her. thoughts...Well, pretty much the same way as you would anyone else...just get to know her. A lot of people are open to long distance, but few will want to make anything official before meeting a person IN PERSON at least once, or even a few times, even if they've talked for a long time. From my experience, it is best to meet at least once, and go from there but it really does depend on the situation and the people involved. Try and talk to her and see if she's receptive, or even looking, and just become friends with her. I would go into it with no expectations of more than friendship and, after talking to her for a while, then maybe broach the subject of meeting and exploring more. This, also, gives you a chance to see if you're really interested and want to pursue her. Of course, we (women) are all different, so maybe she'll feel differently about time and stuff. It's hard to give exact advice because we are all so different. However, I think the best way to start would be to just talk to her. The biggest thing to remember is that, if she is waiting, she is in all likelihood going to want to take things slow.

By the way...I see you're a new member here, welcome to the forums.

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