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Getting Married - Seeking Help With Inadequacy Anxiety

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I'd really appreciate some advice on dealing with worries of physical inadequacy. 

So for a bit of background, I'm a guy, age 23, my fianceé is 22, and we're waiting until marriage because of our Christian faith. I'm a virgin, but my fianceé is not - she was not always as committed to Christ in life as I have been, and throughout her early life she was very promiscuous. It wasn't until she found Christ more deeply that she rejected that lifestyle, and understood that God created sex for pleasure and enjoyment in marriage -  she had this renewal before we met. We're getting married a little under a year from now, and I've been increasingly having anxiety that I will be inadequate for her - that I won't measure up physically to people she's had previously. I also worry that I will disappoint her with my lack of experience and that when we do have sex that my inexperience will be a burden for her and will make her unhappy or enjoy me less. Any advice on how I can work through these feelings internally, or how I can better talk through these feelings with her? I know it sounds silly and very insecure, and I know that we both love each other very much even now without the physical part of intimacy, but I still can't help but be nervous.


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