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I'm all excited !:) My new book on Amazon :)

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Hi everyone :)


I hope you're all doing good :)

I've already posted the same exact topic before : below is the link  

But I wanted to post it again because I wasn't sure it was visible for everyone :D

Just in case :D

With the help of God I've been able to write a book for children. 

In the days and age we are living in, children are polluted and their innocence are destroyed with all kinds of evil things distributed in television, writings, internet and so on...

God put in my heart to write this book to inspire children, and even adults to come back closer to God . In this book, you will learn a beautiful romance story, with symbols that describe the permanent confrontation between the purity of the Kingdom of God and the baseness of the kingdom of darkness that is opposed to him .

I do pray that this book can be a great blessing for you and the children in your lives (nephews, cousins, others etc...)

Here is the link on Amazon :


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