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Hey guys and girls,

Its been so long since i came back on WTM . My earlier account isn't working anymore and i just couldn't seem to log in...Well im really glad to be back and gosh did i miss all you wonderful people. Another year passed by and i still have yet to find a fellow waiter. God really does make us wait...:wacko:...i guess ill just give a short intro about me. Well my names Joseph(btw i put my surname as my display name so dont mind that) and im originally from India but settled in Dubai. I've been working here for the last 1 year and its going great...but it's just really hard to find someone who waits. Ive gone on dates with friends but all of them just don't seem to share my view on sex and marriage. I'm more family oriented and i almost met some1 just a few days ago but it turns out shes gotten sexual with her past exes...and that was the end of that. 

It's so nice to be here with you guys cause you all share the same values as me and i don't think id ever be able to leave such blessed people on here.:rolleyes:....I'm hoping to meet and make a lot of friends on here...I have to find all my old buddies on here..owe them an apology for the long break...(I'll ping you guys soon)

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