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I just wanted to say after the site updated, I had problems signing in because it logged me out when I finally tried to sign in. I had forgotten my username and password. I kept retrying to sign in every week or so and it said awaiting authorization or something.  Now that I think about it I probably could have forum messaged as a guest. Anyway, that went on for months, and it was only after Invincible fixed my account that I was able to sign in from a friend who had seen a new YouTube video of mine thank God!!! anyway, I just wanted to say that maybe admin should see if there are pending accounts because I was checking my email often in that and it never got resolved so there might be more because of the site change. I kind of miss the old app layout. 

also I tried other Christian site forums but this is the only site that feels at home so I'm glad to be back with my crowd.

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