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My name is Samantha

I'm 28 years old, I believe in waiting til marriage always did. Even as a young child I always had a pure mindset. I'm just looking for people who share my believes I feel mighty alone in my plight of believes. I failed many times on my believes I'm not perfect. If anyone wants to chat with me message me I hope I can find a few people to chat with. Thanks

I'm glad I found this site. Nice to know maybe there someone out there who thinks like me. I'm not letting go of my believes anymore nor I'm I going to settle for less neither should any of you. God Bless

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Be sure that you made a very brave decision, that shows how strong person you are, and if you look back you gonna see the long way you took to make it here, so dont bother yourself about what the others may think or say, you preserved yourself as a rare jewerly for the right person who gonna know how priceless you are, in time the others just gave themselves to others cheaply and lost all kind of i take my hat for you and be sure that your other half  gonna apreciate you and see how beautiful your soul is once his eyes meet yours.. ;)  

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