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I have NEVER PRAYED to have a husband! I did otherwise ...

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Hi everyone !!! :)


I want to share with you this article from a french woman. I translated it. Even if she talks to women, I think the same principles can be used for men also.


I hope you will be blessed by it ^_^

The original link is here :


I have NEVER PRAYED to have a husband! I did otherwise ...


Many people ask me how I prayed for my husband. Honestly, I never had to ask for it. In fact, during my moments of prayer I did not feel that I should pray for that. And I did not do it just because other women did. I like making sincere prayers, driven by the Holy Spirit in me ... and not recitations to be like everyone else. I say this because perhaps you hear that the Holy Spirit will encourage you to "claim" your future husband in prayer. But with me, He did not do that!
Personally, I just had to do what I had to do to get my future husband. That is to say, become the woman that attracts good guys. I prayed and worked hard (and I still do!) To have a good character, a good mentality and above all to bring out my beautiful personality.
Basically, I learned to reveal my inner beauty.
A few years earlier, I really was attracting men who are not worth the trouble. It was just the "player" broken men emotionally or those simply not ready for marriage that were hitting on me. Following my inner transformation, a "shift" happened in my love life. I began to attract EX-TRA-OR-DI-NARY men! I only had to make my choice !! They were so handsome that when I said that they did not correspond to what my heart really wanted, I took the time to sincerely pray for their love life. Because I knew they were good guys, ready to take care of a good woman. This woman just was not me! ^ _ ^ In fact today most of them have married fabulous women and I'm really happy for them.
Anyway, when I was single, I had three objectives:
• Work on me to be a woman that attracts good guys and an become exceptional future wife.
• Be happy in my celibacy.
• Serve God with all my heart with all that he has given me.
Today through my program Reveal Your Beauty it’s my priviledge to offer women that I did not have: 5 weeks of mentoring on how to be the wife that all the good guys want !!! That is to say blossomed, emotionally healed, well educated about relationships and  walking in her divine destiny.
As I said at the beginning, my celibacy time was a nice big period of learning and transformation. It wasn’t useful to me to pray for a husband while I KNEW that I was not ready. I had a ton of things to change in me.
Also, when I decided to build a personal relationship with God, I told him I wanted to be a woman FULFILLING in every area of ​​my life. Even while being single I really wanted to be happy. I did not wait for the wedding before enjoying my life and feel fulfilled emotionally. Something told me it made no sense to look for a husband to find happiness. I was convinced that I could be happy without a man. This is another reason why I did not pray to have a husband.
Finally, during this summer, God allowed me to discover the gifts and talents that were in me. Then I developed this strong desire to want to impact the women around me. In the end, in my blogs, my beauty workshops inspiring, my company to the Palace of Beauty and ministry in the church, I had not the time to pray for a husband. I was focused to serve God as best as I could with everything that fascinated me.

That does not mean I wanted to remain single all my life. Not at all! I just did not want to miss all we can do (and MUST do) during this season. I knew that celibacy is not a curse, I knew that God would give me my husband at the right time, I knew I WAS NOT READY for this time, I knew I WAS STILL HAVE A LOT OF STUFF TO LEARN before I got married, I knew that as long as I was not able to enjoy my bachelorhood, I would not appreciate either my marriage, I knew I had to heal some of the wounds of my past, I knew I knew, I knew ... I'm sure it's because I kNEW all the things I told myself that it would not be very smart of me to pray for a husband at that time.
Basically, I just put my focus in the right place.
This allows me to become  an attractive woman! However, even when the  good guys was pursuing me, I was careful to be not distracted. I was nice, I accepted some invitations to restaurant (when I had time!) And then I watched over my emotions (you know how we women, we can be quickly emotional !) And I said to the Holy Spirit "Hmmm ... if it’s him give me the conviction, or I prefer to cut contacts to protect my heart. I do not have time to waste and I have many friends in my circle lol! "
You know, it was not always easy to stand firm on my goals and preserve me. Some men were really HOT ... but NOT for me! Sometimes I was tempted to feel alone but I refused to walk in my emotions. It was quite a fight! I thank God for my wonderful circle of friends, my family and especially my mentors who were a great support for me. And I am happy to support in my turn women on their journey through my program.
So pray for "catch" a husband? Nop! I did not know that! One day I just told God that I still loved my ex (I had just left him to achieve my three objectives I have quoted above). As our love was sooooo reciprocal, I told God to give me the conviction that He is the man of my life, or otherwise remove these feelings of our hearts. In any case, God knew that for me, His perfect will was more important than my emotions. Then it turned out that my ex was indeed the one God had predestined for me! Youpiiiii! We got back together, we were married under the grace of God and we now fully enjoys our union.
As I said at the beginning this is my case! The Holy Spirit can direct you differently. Be very careful. However, if my story is like yours, then I encourage you dear! You might be at the stage where you have to work on you to start attracting a good guy and also really give your heart to the Lord first. The first verse that I remember when I gave my life to Christ is this one: Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37 verse 4).

 Today I can testify that this promise is TRUE. As they say: "Tested and approved! "
-Nifah xo

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