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Social Responsibility- Another great but perhaps ignored reason to wait

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Hey all.  So we all know and have discussed on here the many great reasons why we should wait until we are married for sex.  But what I want to mention here is a great reason that I feel is often overlooked, and that is social responsibility.


We often talk about how personal of a decision WTM is and all of the personal benefits that come from it. And this is true, however, have any of you ever thought about how WTM also benefits the society as a whole?


This is in regard to a major topic that is in the news right now, especially with the election coming up, and that is the whole abortion debate.  Now the purpose of this post is NOT to discuss the ethics of abortion, so PLEASE NO POLITICAL quarrels!  Keep personal opinions about it to yourself PLEASE!


My main point is that unwanted/inconvenient pregnancies pose a huge burden on our society.  We either have the tragedy of abortion going on, or we have an over-abundance of children being put up for adoption, over-crowding the foster-care system who greatly need a home and may not get one.


Now the two reasons most women choose to get abortions is 1) because they feel they cannot properly care for the baby: and MOST (not all) of the time that is because they are UNWED and feel they lack the resources to properly provide, or 2) they do it because of shame (perhaps from parents..)  Married women may also feel pressure to get them, but the majority of these women in so called "crisis pregnancies" are single.  Why doesn't someone look up the statistics.




Thus we have this burden in our society: either innocent children are being murdered in the womb (if you look at it that way), or we have an overabundance of children being put up for adoption who are not finding homes.  Well my friends, there is an easy solution to this problem: RESPONSIBLE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR.



Yes, married people can have unplanned/unwanted pregnancies, but usually, USUALLY they are in a much better place to deal with it.  SINGLE PEOPLE? not so much!  Thus unwed people engaging in the act which creates human life poses a huge problem to our society.  If all single people remained celibate until marriage, I bet the abortion rate would go down a lot!


Single people need to realize (and ALL people too) that sex, no matter the reason you are doing it, is STILL the act that creates another human life, and with that comes great responsibility and RESPECT.  People may argue that you can be "responsible" and use birth control, well hate to break it to you, but birth control does not work 100% of the time; I personally know of a few women who got pregnant while using some form of birth control!  People put too much confidence in it, especially single people, and think they can be as promiscuous as they want and not suffer the consequences.  Furthermore this over-reliance of single people on birth control contributes even more to the problem of unwanted pregnancies, because, well, if you are using it, that means that you do not want, nor are in a place in your life where you can care for a baby, so if you get pregnant it's going to be very inconvenient for you!  Thus we can see how single people having sex contributes to the problem of unwanted pregnancies/children in our society.



The main lesson here we all need to learn is that if you are not in a place where you can properly care for and raise a child, as in you're married, then you should not be having sex, or you should be thinking long and hard about it before you do- like about what you would do if you got pregnant.


We have lost respect for the act of sex, lost sight of what it's really about, lost respect for ourselves, and ultimately for our fellow man.  It has always baffled me how people can engage in one of the most intimate of acts, the VERY act that has the potential to create another human LIFE with someone that they have not committed themselves to!


And in our society, the one's who are suffering the most for our promiscuity/disrespect of the sex act, are the INNOCENT: the "unwanted" children created from these unions! 


Thus I think we can see how not engaging in sexual behavior as a single person not only benefits the individual but also the society at large. If you need another good reason to feel good about waiting, well here it is folks! : )


DISCLAIMER: in my post I am referring only to people who WILLINGLY engage in sexual behavior, and by no way referring to those who may be victims of rape, which is an entirely different situation. ALSO if any of you reading this have had an abortion, I do NOT condemn you or think you are bad, my HEART goes out to you!  FINALLY this argument is by no means a reason for us to attack those who do not wait!  If anything, it's some encouragement, and a way for us waiters to feel good about what we are doing!



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I agree for the most of it but I am pro abortion even married because sometimes it's the better decision.

My maximum for children is 3,we wouldn't have enough ressources to have more.

I don't have children yet but probably I would sterilize myself.

I don't know.

But sometimes it's better not to have a child than having it.Problems in the marriage - it would be worse if you have a kid meanwhile.

I married virgin,I am happy and so on but I would never say that the personal choice of someone which doesn't affect me,it's wrong.

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