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So I am a very warmhearted, kind, caring and sincere man, as well as a pretty conservative fellow who strongly believes in traditional values, i.e., monogamous love, hard work and personality responsibility, to name a few. 


In fact, I work as a professional news writer and social/political commentator for various major right-wing media entities, none of which I care to reveal. Though just so you know, Trump's most recent statement almost made my head explode, LOL.


But other than that, I live a very lonely existence as per my Asperger syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism that lends itself toward great social anxiety and isolation. 


What I therefore want more than anything on Earth is to finally find a quality woman to quell the aching of my heart - a woman with whom to wake up alongside every morning - a woman with whom to share my emotions, my experiences and my life - a woman to love til I pass from this planet.


But man, it is really hard to do when you are socially awkward AND you believe in things like abstinence.


Plus, *sighs*, I'm a reformed heathen, lol, in that during an earlier part of my life, I regrettably drank a lot, consumed drugs and engaged in a select few meaningless "encounters." 


However, as a 33-year-old reformed conservative -- an agnostic one, mind you -- I live my life in a completely different fashion. I work extremely hard, I take care of my own home and I proudly abide by good values and morals. And I really, really, really want to find a woman nearby or far away (I can move!) who lives the same way and would be willing to give a chance to a shy, awkward and dorky guy with a huge heart and a passion for bringing morality back to America.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my very pitiful story, heheh. 


*curtsies for the audience*


I am also a member of the Social Anxiety Forum. But I look forward to learning more about this one!




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Hello, vsaxena! Welcome to the site! I was evaluated as a kid in 1994 for Asperger syndrome and again in 2009. Both evaluations had a high probability that I have Asperger's.

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