23 year old virgin 4 Reasons to save yourself

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I am a 22 going on 23 December 29th, year old virgin. And I am PROUD!

I have younger cousins who have already given themselves away to others and think I am "grose" for saving myself. They tell it's stupid and that no one lives by the Bible anymore cause it's out of date.

Wile it may be true that most people no longer live by the Bible, I find it important to point out why I keep my purity besides because Jesus said to.


1: When you give yourself away, you give away part of your emotions and soul to that person and they will forever be with you weather you know it or not. In only want to love one person. If I devorce and get remarried or my husband has, that's okay. But my first husband will still be in my heart.


2: No STD's. I won't have to worry about spreading or getting any STD's, and those who wait won't have to that much either. People these days hardly care and just go for it without protection.


3: No abortion! I won't get pregnant before marrage, so no unwanted baby having to be killed or put up for adotion. Number on cause for abortion is un wanted babies or parents forcing their pregnant teenagers to get an abortion. Save yourself the hassle and a babies life!


4: Respect yourself and know that it's true love. If he or she doesn't respect you for holding out, even if you have already given yourself away. If they keep pushing when you say no, it's not true love! They only want your body!


I don't care if you have made the mistake of giving yourself away, it's never too lat to respect yourself and your body. I am keeping mine clean becuase I want to give that part of my soul that will only happen once to my beloved. I know plenty of people say "You have to know if your compatable in bed." PFFT!~ Best way is to discover each other together for the first time when married.

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I hope 23 isn't considered old in the dating world. I turned 23 last month. :lol:


Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing!

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