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I have taken time to reflect on myself and what I want in my future. The more I think about it the more I realize while I value WTM, it is not at the top of my priority list.  (Its in the top 10, but no where near the top 5.) With things such as the old Prussian virtues of, Disziplin,Treue, Zurückhaltung, Ordnungssinn und Bescheidenheit outranking it. (Those translate as Dicipline, Loyalty, Self-control, Sense of Order, and Modesty) My question is, do any of you have things which you value more in a potential spouse than WTM?

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Certainly, while wtm is important to me and I'd prefer for my future SO to be wtm, it definitely won't be a deal breaker if he isn't. Morals, values, outlook on life, personality, among many other things are what really matter to me, so if wtm is the only thing he won't have as a quality, I wouldn't really mind. 

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