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"Are you a virgin?"... a bad pick up line

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So guys, how do you meet virgins in real life outside this site? If one of you wants to get serious and find someone to marry, unless you are in a really strict church, how would you meet them? I know it's a taboo to walk up to a woman and say "Are you a virgin?"

Because although it's a major qualifier for all of us, I want to know this answer right away so I do not waste time and end up in heart break. Not saying that a virgin won't also lead to heart break but it's easier. Besides speed dating I don't know of any other way to do it.

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Certainly finding virgins can be hard. Since it is such an intimate issue for most it needs to be addressed with a certain degree of tact and empathy. However you don't need to ask them over their virgin/waiting status - you can tactfully inform them of yours and within that what you are looking for in a partner and how committed you are to those conditions/standards.


As far as "its a major qualifier for all of us". You'll find that is incorrect. The status of waiting till marriage rather than of virginity is probably more important for most on this site. 

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