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you know what?   I have never regretted waiting.   Never.

I have WONDERED what it would have been like to have done otherwise - i don't mean to have slept with lots of women before getting married - but i have WONDERED what it would have been like in total in terms of my thoughts about dating, my confidence, my sense of self-esteem, any of those things that probably are rooting around in you when you WONDER about something.


But I always knew that the mere act of WONDERING was simply ... human.   though i was not having sex, i have been a sexual being since becoming a teenager - as we all do.   I had sexual thoughts, sexual urges.   and that never stopped - hasn't stopped LOL.


but that never meant - for me - that i had to act on that with someone until i was fully ready.   for me... that was my wedding night.   i fully understand that is not everyone's "i waited/i'm ready" moment...   and i think that's what sometimes drives the question of regret... or wondering...  in any of us...   because we are not merely sexual beings, we are thoughtful and purposeful and wanting of certain relationship parameters and commitments, not just the sexual play and satisfaction.


so... long answer for you...   but i never regretted it :-)   I was never after some accumulation of sexual partners, nor was i in some rush to claim to be sexually active (and to be transparent, we explored a lot of physical affection and love, we just did not take it to those levels).   i found what i wanted, who i wanted, and the circumstances for that... in my wonderful wife :-).

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Oh ian, that was a wonderful response. Really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing your helpful thoughts once again!

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