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Sexual Compatibility

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This article reminds me of the poster who said this:


If sexual compatibility is really that important, what happens when your SO got into a car accident or had some sort medical problem that made him/her incapable of having sex?


When I read this post this made me think of many unhappy relationships. Far too many girls and boys stayed on unhappy relationship simply because for the sex.


Also I read somewhere that sexual compatibility change over time.


Let's say a couple had a great sex life. But however, overtime their sexual compatibility went down hill. As a result, they either end the relationship or one partner ended up cheating on his or her SO.


I feel like that's really what's missing on many Sex Ed Classes around the world. I feel like they should have taught that every thing has a consequence and that include sex.


While I find that the Sexual Revolution made many progress I feel like it also made things worse in some way.   

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