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How old were you when you met your one, and What advice(s) would you give to a 29 years old Waiter who might be loosing hope in getting her man?

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Hey Alumnis😄

I am a waiter still think am strong on my wait because of the reasons I chose to wait; which includes Wanting to share my whole to my first and only partner. I am now 29 years old and still dry in getting a man for me.

I can't lie, am now feeling the pressure and Loneliness sometimes/ desire to have someone. I never dated for the same reasons, but now at this age Ts hard to be even approached by man.

Even at church where I spend my most social time, they have a special respect or negligence towards me to ask me out for dating.. Since they know my stand en my story . I was fine and happy with that, but now time z ticking, en it gets me worried , I Dnt want to be 31 alone.

At the same time I have no better options than to just wait for him to come, if he will ever come. Am saying this because I don't believe in a lady approaching a man for dating, or making nasty/ naughty moves to get a guy to approach me, noo that's not me, I Dnt want to push or viewed desperate that much🙊.

I would love to hear from you guys , which age dd you met your partner,,how did you meet him/ her, and what can you advice for a waiter of my age( 29) who is so ready to meet her partner too but no luck being a Christian.?

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First, I want to commend you for your faith in God and for holding out so long. I am not a married waiter; I am 26 and still holding out, as well. I am not dating or courting anyone at the moment, either. I just wanted to encourage you to not "become weary in well doing, for you will reap a harvest at the right time if you do not give up."

I really feel that this is something God will answer for you, because everyone's journey and path is different. We ask, "when?". He says, "in my time.". We wonder in our hearts, "how can I speed up the process? How do I know I am doing everything right? Should I place myself in certain situations or locations so that , like Naomi, I can be found?" In our search for answers, we don't always realize that we already heard from god, "in my time". Ok, god. So that means that it WILL happen. Ok, great. So I can relax and just live.

Just some ideas: (bear w me if you have already done them all)

Idea 1: hear from god

*pray and tell god all of your concerns. Ask him to answer you in dreams, visions, a person you trust or through a way you can understand

*talk to a prophet or extremely accurate prophetic person you know about your concerns

*do you have a spiritual mom or dad who can pray with you, counsel you, and give you answers and directions?

*would you be able to go into a week of prayer and fasting?

Idea 2: check out heather lindseys website

Ifv you are not already familiar with her, she's (now) a pasors wife. She married at 26, after many of her friends. She has a singles ministry.

Idea 3: check out anointed fire's channel on youtube

When You're Not Ready to Be Found:

This is a long but very anointed message about how although in the natural, we may appear ready for a mate, God is looking at our development in the spirit.

Ok, And if you have extra time om your hands I have a compilation of marriage preparation videos:

Single Christians: waiting on God for a husband or wife:

I have a sister at the church who told me she used to be so anxious for a mate, that she would walk into a room and ask God, "ok, which one of these men is my husband?" She gave it all a rest, and within weeks she began courting her now husband. Sometimes you already know your mate, they are just in hiding/being hidden from your sight/understanding.

A friend of mine was sooooo ready to get married. (She is 32). She got her heart broken, then redevoted her energy to God, and also prayed and fasted for weeks. She is now engaged to the love of her life and God approves.

Everyone 's story is different. Don't give up! Just keep your eyes on God! I know anxiety is natural, but we are supernatural beings who draw strength from A supernatural God----hey, thats the only reason why i (I can only speak for myself) waited so long, not by Bsheer willpower. Anxiety is not from Him!

Hugs, deb

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I met my husband when I was 24, on OKCupid.


I realize you don't want to make the first move, but at 29, sitting passively and waiting to be noticed won't help you find a significant other.


Are you involved in other activities with single people, besides church? Like an art class, or sports team, or even volunteer work? (Not that I'm advocating volunteer work as a way to meet men... But we've all done it, right?) The first step in finding a significant other is just meeting more people, period.


I also don't know what online dating options are available in London, but you might want to look into them. Having talked to a LOT of people who have tried different forms of online dating, success varies wildly depending on location. Some cities have tons of interesting people with all sorts of backgrounds and values on online dating; others are just a cesspool of people looking for sex. But you won't know what's available until you try!

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Ow Waitingforcarats thanxu so much for such encouraging , beautiful words. Your advices are good and a'ma try some of the things you have mentioned, like dedicating the matter in prayer / To God.

May you also get your mate... Please do mention me in your prayers too😎...1Love💞thanxu..

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Belle Femme,,, I hear u but really making a first move to a guy z not in my understanding ,, and I can't say am involved in anything outside church because these activities are also within the church, en jaa will consider your confident statement 😄.. To meet more people..

Thanxu so much, for your waking up words ... And i would love to know how did you met with your hubby?

Internet dating z off to me, Ts not like decent as I wish to meet my hubby🙈🙈,,, tough this side Nhee.. Ow Heavens come down...

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