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New Forum!

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Hello everyone!


Recently, a certain WTM member, the lovely Mirage, suggested that we make a sub-forum solely dedicated to the more controversial and heated discussions that tend to pop up. Well, we admins liked his ideas and decided to set up such a forum. So, we set it up...and then sat on it for a while because I'm lazy to make sure it was done right. So now, I present to you the official Controversial Topics forum! Well, it's not here, it's over there in the special areas. And you can't necessarily see it. If you can't, it means you're not good enough you first need to post more in the other forums. You know, build some street cred...or something. Anyway, I'm no good for hyping things up, so there it is.


Go forth and enjoy! (Or don't, if it's not your thing)


(You can read a little more of what it's all about in the pinned "Rules/Guidelines" post in the CT forum itself)


Oh, and we may or may not be moving certain threads into the CT forum over the next few days, so keep an eye out for your favorite throw-downs, debates, and argument threads from the past to show up there.

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