How Much Is Too Much?

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I have no desire to spend a lot on my wedding...I mean more than 2K. I'd prefer to spend a few thousand on my go somewhere exotic like Egypt or Mozambique or anywhere in the Caribbean. David's Bridals has some nice wedding dresses for $100 or less. I can honestly get someone to crotchet a beautiful, white knee high dress and wear that as a wedding dress. Pair it with some white, suede thigh high boots and be fine and dandy. Rent out a pretty church, throw white rose petals everywhere as decor, have a wedding reception in the church basement.....I don't care what happens as long as my groom, Father God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and some heavenly angels show up to bless us. Now THAT's my kind of wedding!!!  Wouldn't it be cool to have Jesus show up and turn water into wine? That's a dream wedding!

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