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Hi everyone! :D


My name is Frances and I'm 18 years old. I am originally from New Zealand, but I moved to Switzerland as a child and now I'm studying at university in the UK - but if all goes well I'll be moving back to NZ in May/June. Really looking forward to it!


I never really decided to wait until marriage - I just realised one day that that was why I didn't feel the same desire as other people to have sex with the first person they saw… I've always felt that sex was something sacred and that you should only share it with the right person - "the one" if you like. It's the most intimate and special gift you can give, so it should be saved for the most special person :) It's been a bit difficult for me, as someone waiting until marriage, because of the community I'm part of. Several of my friends are hippies and New-Agey types who are very sexually liberal. Being Pagan, I believe that sex is natural and good, but I also believe that it's sacred and I want to save it for the right person.


I'm really glad to have found this site, it feels like coming home. I got a very warm welcome on the chat last night, so thank you for that :) I look forward to talking to likeminded people who understand my decision to wait until marriage!

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