Winter Olympics!!

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I know it started last weekend, but I'm curious of a couple things.

1. What is your favorite event of the Olypmics?

2. Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics, if either more?

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1.  It's a three-way tie between Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ice Dancing, and Equestrian. And then an even longer list of close second's.  What can I say? I'm indecisive!


2. I prefer Summer, if only because there's a greater variety of disciplines.

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1. If I was going to watching, I think I'd probably watch the Ski jump. That looks amazing. And snowboarding, because tricks.


2. Probably winter! I love skiing, and snow. So anything on a ski slope is more interesting to me than hot weather things.


I'm sensing a central theme there.  :P


Wait, what's the difference between Ice Dancing and Figure Skating?


Guilty as charged! I love the dance-y sports!


Here's a handy dandy explanation of Ice Dancing compared to Pairs Figure Skating.

Side note: The American Ice Dancing pair competes tonight (Feb. 17). Watch them!


I'm excited about Ski Jump as well, in no small part because it's the first year women get to compete, even though women have been ski jumping for close to a century! 


And how adorable was the lone athlete from Venezuela during the Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations?


And one last cool thing: The Jamaican Bobsled Team is back, AND... they have their own theme song!  If you press play at the exact moment a team starts down the track, the words "left" and "right" sync up with where the bobsled is going down the track. How cool is that? (WARNING: The song WILL get stuck in your head for a while)

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