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Hi Everyone,

I have been having issues on my laptop trying to sign off from the forum.

I also sign on, sometimes, via my iPhone & I am able to click on sign off & it does.

For some odd reason, whenever I click on sign off when I'm on my laptop, nothing happens! Has anyone else had the same problem & been able to fix it?

Sometimes I leave my laptop on and come back & see a friend was trying to chat with me. Please know I may not even be near my computer! Other times I set down my iPhone signed in for awhile, & might not be available.

If anyone can offer any helpful hints for my signing off on my laptop issue, that'd be awesome! ;)

Mahalo! :)

~ TropicalMermaid

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I've had the same problem I have to click "sign out" a couple of times before it logs me off...


Sometimes it doesn't and when I re-open the page again I'm still signed in.

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