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This website has loads of interesting articles about sex and waiting some are positive some are negative and I'm sure there are a few websites with a similar format. If you type in words like abstinence to the search bar it comes up with lots of stuff that might be useful.

This is one page of articles:

Here are some articles I enjoyed reading

This was a poll that shows 75% think sex is better when it's emotional and 25% thought it's better when it's only physical.

This is a brilliant article about not having sex in college/university and what a positive decision it was.

This article is against waiting until marriage but there are some really nice points that are made about the importance of sex. This is my favourite paragraph:

To be honest, there is a part of me that values purity. I realize that people aren't bars of soap, and that their bodies don't slowly wear away with each encounter, but the notion of having the privilege to indulge in something that several dozen others have already enjoyed doesn't seem like much of a privilege at all. I've always been immediately put off by girls who talk casually of having sex with guys they meet while they're out. And any mention of a "number" in the double digits causes me to lose interest.

Another study showing waiting often has better results:

This is a random part of an article I quite liked, I've lost the page it came from unfortunately. It wasn't to do with waiting but it was basically talking about how men do like just kissing and cuddling a lot more than they let on and what a positive thing kissing is. It isn't all about sex. People tend to think that sex will fix a relationship when really it is the lack of basic intimacy such as kissing that causes more feelings of detachment.

As men become more settled with one woman, their desire is to be more intimate with her and this is strengthened as they kiss and cuddle and allow that attachment hormone Oxytocin to do its work. Women, on the other hand, as their relationships lengthen, experience a greater yearning for hot, steamy sex with the one man to whom they are committed. And this is of course in keeping with a woman’s rise in sexual assertiveness. These male-female differences in need, are in fact complimentary and represent a wonderful dove-tailing of cuddly warmth and hot passion.

These findings to my mind are a great plus for the institution of marriage, which has wrongfully taken a beating and the blame for many a failed sex life. There is a lot then to be said for long term relationships and the commitment which allowscouples to grow sexually together.

And it’s nice to know that it’s finally official; guys are a lot more than automatic sex machines

Hope you enjoy flicking through these anyway!

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Anna, thanks for posting!!

I really liked this quote I found "A couple’s ability to cuddle, not to perform sex, is one of the best predictors of an emotionally/physically close, happy, and healthy relationship. –Mary Jo Rapini" I thought that was nice. Because sometimes sex is focused on SOOOO much that we don't really hear about all the other 'little' physical things that help a relationship =)

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Aww that is really nice! I know! There are sooo many other things that you can do to feel close and romantic without having to be physically intimate. :)

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