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Found 12 results

  1. Miseries

    I hope this doesn't come off as hateful. It's misery more than anything. My whole life I've felt entirely alone because peoples morals when it comes to sexuality are disgusting to me. I don't want to be near anyone. They make me despondant and intensely uncomfortable. Classmates, strangers, family members, religious groups, they're all the same in that they don't care for this virtue that is so important to me, crucial in fact, and I feel more and more crushed every single day to be so alone in my beliefs. Relationships have obviously been unfulfilling, mostly damaging, some even driving me to self destructive or even suicidal tendencies. Probably as a result of feeling isolated because of their different views, depressed by their sexual histories, and nervous by their desire to have sex with me. Most people tell me I must be asexual, but that confuses me, since asexual people do not consider me to be so. Also in general, I tend to disagree with asexuals on their morals too. Asexuals aren't necessarily WTM, and most celebrate liberal sexuality as much as any other. I just want to go on adventures and meet characters and exist without sex being in my face everywhere, and a thing everyone does, everyone talks about all the time, reminding me that I am alone, making me feel disturbed and heavy all the time. Last June I wanted to die. Suicide is never something I wanted to do, always seemed stupid and ridiculous considering I don't really have any problems, but something in me snapped one day and I ended up putting myself in a coma. I never even wanted this to be a big part of who I am or what I worry about, it seems so S T U P I D to talk about it and have it be such a big deal, (if you even CAN talk about it, because most people get insulted if you try or just end up making you feel even more alone, ridiculed, or perturbed.) The worst part is, there are SO MANY OTHER INTERESTS I HAVE but I can never open up about them or express them to people because this whole issue has to be so damn depressing, and instantly smothers any desire I have to connect with most people, even casually. I can't believe I am such a small minority. It's so disheartening. I'm entirely dissociated from society. Even in places for suicidal or depressed people, the general focus is ALMOST ALWAYS ENTIRELY about making people who are the opposite of sexually virtuous feel more accepted and comforted for their (usually really messed up) beliefs, and every time I've ever been to something like that I always left with a feeling of "wow, I have literally never felt worse." It's not that I even particularly desire companionship or a relationship or anything to do with people at all, just ONE environment I don't need to constantly escape from to stay sane. I don't even feel comfortable in church or youth groups. Christian people don't really seem to care about this virtue either. I really have no idea what possessed me to join this thing and write this. I don't know, have any of you who are virgins waiting til marriage experienced similar depression? I have never in my life encountered a single person who felt the way I do. The only wtm person I have ever known in my whole life was not a virgin and also didn't really have any depression or social anxiety around people who weren't. Ayudame.
  2. What would life be like if love was non existant?
  3. Have you guys every been friendzoned or nah? Feel free to elaborate if the answer is yes!
  4. I dont know what my stance is on this topic, thats why I'm asking.
  5. Have any of you found yourself crushing on a fellow member here on the site? Would you ever consider dating someone from WTM? When you found this site were you secretly on a mission to find other waiters to date, or were you just looking for information about waiting until marriage?
  6. How i it usually when you date another person who's waiting until marriage? I recently started dating this guy from online who's also waiting until marriage. This is my first time dating a guy who's waiting until marriage too. He's also a virgin and we never talked about past relationships, so I'm not even sure if he had his first kiss.I'm a virgin waiter too, but I dated a lot of guys before. I'm not sure if he's just different or if he's not interested. We went on three dates so far. He smiles at me a lot, always pays, and is extra nice. However, he never compliments, flirts, or touches me.He accidentally touched my hand when we were walking, but that was it. I don't understand why he wouldn't even show that he's interested when we're together, but continues to ask me on dates. It's so confusing. Is the experience usually different when two waiters date?
  7. sexual healing

    This video was pretty awesome, thought I would share: Sexual Healing:
  8. Liked Made in His ImageNon-Profit Organization · 17,012 Likes Safe sex? Try a wedding ring. No condoms or birth control needed.‪#‎marriage‬
  9. Thought you were gonna read about the reasons why I'm waiting until I'm married to DD to have sex?? Sorry, this is actually by the founder of Made in His Image. Still really good though. Great for those of you who are waiting and Christian. ~Sally
  10. I thought I'd just share the wierd link I came across. On yahoo this site is incorrectly labeled as a dating site. Not only that but is named under "20 of the wackiest dating websites". It is sad though that people would think of WTM as wacky.
  11. Hey everyone! I'm sure this topic has been raised in the past, but I'm here posting about it because it's becoming more prevalent in my life. Lately, my sister has been stubbornly lecturing me about how my decision to WTM is a horrible idea, and that not having sex or co-habiting before marriage is stupid. She claims that no matter how much you try, if you're not sexually compatible with your partner then it's not going to work out. I'm not, in any way, influenced by her opinions, because I'm confident in my decisions. Regardless, what do you guys have to say about this? What are your family-related WTM experiences?
  12. Hey Christian Girl...