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Found 3 results

  1. Suppose you were given the opportunity to send a telegram to your future husband/wife. You only had 10 seconds to record your message. You're not allowed to tell them your name, where you are, or give hints on how to find you. What would you want them to know at this very moment... what will you say to the future love of your life? It can be as serious or silly as you choose to make it, but remember this is your only chance to speak to them until the day you unite. In my fastest speaking voice possible...I'd say something to the effect of... I'm still here still waiting...enjoy life..don't get TOO CRAZY...stay strong...when you think life is out of love to give remember the love I have for you is ready for us you handsome ya... =p
  2. Letters To My Wife...

    Hello Ladies, For the past few years I've been writing letters to my wife in this journal of mine in the hopes that one day I would give them to her on our wedding day, but currently I'm still struggling with whether or not God wants me to remain single. I began writing them with the understanding that I would someday find a spouse, but after about 5 years things continue to look pretty bleak. A few months back I began reading many of them and I thought they were quite good and considered publishing them. I currently have a few people interested in helping me find a publisher and I'm debating whether or not to publish them out of fear that if I do find someone, she will be upset with me revealing some of my most intimate and revealing moments with everyone instead of just her. A few months back I began publishing them on my blog. I have over 70 letters so far and still continue to write them out of habit and hope. I guess my questions are: How would you feel about your future spouse revealing he had written letters to only you and kept them all in a journal/notebook to give to you on your wedding day? How would you feel about him publishing them for the world to see? Would you still consider them as intimate and sacred to you?