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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, My name is Aparajita and I am 22 years old senior in college. I am waiting till marriage because of my religion and it has also been a personal choice as well. Majority of my friends are not virgins and they keep telling me that I won't find anyone who is going to respect my decision because premarital sex is very common in Western culture. I am also Indian so some people have told me that I would probably have to get arranged marriage if I am looking for someone who is gonna wait for me. Recently I used tinder which I never thought I would ever use. I know a lot of people think that its a hookup app but people also use it to meet other people just to hang out. I really was not expecting anything really but I started talking to someone who is very similar to me. We both are very determined people with career goals and we both are family oriented as well. I was texting this person a lot and it seemed like it was going somewhere until I mentioned my decision to wait. He texted me 3 days later that he doesn't want to pressure me because in his relationships he tends to be sexual. I was pretty disappointed because if it wasn't for the sex thing, I would have probably met up with this person and maybe it could have gone somewhere. It is very difficult to find people who are like me and I felt like my decision to wait till marriage was holding me back from meeting new people. I want to know if there are people out there who have had similar experiences. I go to a Christian school, but I feel like at least in my friend circle there are not a lot of people who think like I do. I am hoping that this site is a place where I am able to meet more people who think like me