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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer and I recently wrote an article on here that was about dealing with my fiance's sexual past. (Check it out if you have the time!) I am a waiter, and I struggled immensely with dealing with the fact that my fiance was not a virgin. However, I was able to overcome my negative feelings and deal with them. In case you are not familiar with my story, we are very compatible on every level - he is everything I had ever hoped to find in a man, he is committed to me, respects me, treats me very well, and very importantly, he respects my decision to wait. The only thing that bothered me was that he was not a virgin. I was unwilling to simply let him go because he wasn't a virgin. I truly love him and could see how much I was hurting him with my jealousy and torment and it was important to overcome those feelings if I wanted him in my life. (The other choice would be to let him go, something I did not want to do.) What I was hoping was that if anyone had any questions/comments about sexual jealousy, they could post them here! I am more than happy to share any advice or answer any questions that people have or just hold a general discussion, if people wanted to share their own struggles or how they feel about the topic in general. - Jennifer
  2. Hello C:

    Hello world! I'm still getting the hang of this website so forgive me if I'm doing this all wrong D: I've been lurking this site for awhile and finally decided to join and meet more like minded people. I'm the only waiter in my circle of friends, and it can get really disappointing...but in the end glad of my choice to wait until marriage. I also look at everything my peers are going through in this crazy dating/hookup scene and realize that having faith and following Christ has been the best thing I've ever done for myself please share your experiences with me! Those success stories give me hope lol
  3. Liked Made in His ImageNon-Profit Organization · 17,012 Likes Safe sex? Try a wedding ring. No condoms or birth control needed.‪#‎marriage‬