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Found 13 results

  1. Am I selfish for wanting to marry a virgin? I have been waiting 29 years, and I feel guilty for praying to God for a virgin husband. I'm worried I might miss the man God has for me, but then I feel like I will always have hesitations if I marry a non-virgin, maybe never fully feel invested in the relationship or like they have the same amount of investment. Then I keep hearing our pastor talk about praying boldly, and praying further than we expect or think for things so that we can show we believe God is more amazing than we can even imagine, and that anything we ask or think will be given to us if we just believe. I'm so torn. I don't want to miss something great, but I also don't want to mess up because I can't just take my virginity back if I marry the wrong guy.
  2. Hey from new york!

    Hoping to meet some great people! it's hard to find people with the same values that I try to hold myself to
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm learning about virginity and it seems that for women it is referred to often as a "flower" but there are no such metaphors for a guys virginity? Is it more important for a woman to be pure at marriage than for her husband to be? Thank you!
  4. I just read this beautiful and very honest piece from Deeper Story on saving sex until marriage. I love how the writer explains the way her stance on waiting changed as she grew older, how her mother's circumstances influenced her, and her navigation of dating.
  5. hey im Josh

    whats up everybody? my name is Josh and im 19. i'm so glad i found this sight, its really great to know that i'm not the only one, haha. I'm from Toronto, Ontario (that's in Canada) and ill be starting university this September. the main reason why i'm deciding to wait is because of my own personal beliefs and my christian faith. i believe that love between 2 individuals is the most beautiful thing imaginable. i don't want to ruin that by being selfish and thinking only about my own needs. i really want to share that intimate experience only with the one person i truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with. i'm also a strong christian. I've recently decided to get serious with my faith and seek Jesus. i find it terrible how society puts so much pressure on us to have sex outside marriage. society tells us that its impressive if you have a high "kill count" people feel that if you haven't lost it at a certain age something is wrong with you. i never met anyone who made this commitment where i'm from. I feel embarrassed telling people that i'm waiting until marriage, but thank God i found this sight so i have hope and i know that i'm not alone! sorry for the long post, feel free to message or email me if you want to chat, stay strong brothers and sisters, take care, and God bless, -josh
  6. Who here besides myself is still a virgin waiting for marriage and why? Just curious... Thanks lol Born agains are welcome too Feel free to friend me / add me / google chat with me / whatevs lol - I'm friendly!
  7. The Guardian posted this excellent article about virginity, in light of Elliot Rodger's misogynistic manifesto and massacre.
  8. Hi, I like this site. I developed and tested a study/survey that shows that there are advantages to saving sex for a (major) commitment. Its show that... 1 - Having sex with a man does not strengthen his feelings for her or save a failing relationship. 2 - If a woman is getting used for sex then most likely she will never get a commitment 3 - Most men prefer virginity in the woman they marry. I am actively working on getting funding and finding others who are interested in the results your feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Doug
  9. Christianity and Virginity

    Hey, guys! Found this really great Christian article about dealing with a partner's sexual past. Your thoughts? xxx
  10. So, first of all I want to dissuade any attempt to discuss my level of maturity and the broad scope of my relationship decision in general. I've served in the Army and am currently going to college. My girl is working at a private Christian academy and attending it's sort of long distance by a couple of hours, and distractions/other issues aren't really the problem. Well, we met at a Christian camp we both worked at, and sort of rekindled our friendship a few years later, ie recently. We'd been talking for a few months and have finally made it official. Obviously the problem is that I found out she made a mistake a few months before we were talking...the hard part for her being that she has a big role in the church as a worship leader and missions worker and had actually just gotten back form a long missions you can think how the church looks at it. Another couple of important things to start with are that the guy she slept with (twice only) was pretty random and she says it was a period of weakness for her because of other things with her family she's dealt with in the past, not to mention he was suicidal and it sounds like he really goaded her into giving herself away. We are both in our twenties and she lives at home currently while the whole college thing is being completed. My biggest problem is of course my continuing mental anguish over this random guy she has been with and my seeming inability to erase it from my mind. I've told her this and she told me about her mistake the night we discussed a serious communication has been excellent. I've tried praying about this and reading other people's reviews and all I see are horribly negative things about guys who were in my position. Well, I'm looking for some real Christian advice on what I should do to help the situation...I can't stop visualizing all the stuff they must have done and whether she's still thinking about it..etc. etc. I would really like to hear from someone with experience in this situation...or any wisdom at all really, I REALLY like this girl, and we've prayed about our relationship a lot, I don't take things like this lightly and I don't want some stupid thoughts in my head to ruin everything else...oh and I wouldn't' mind details about things like what it was like on that wedding night, or what a non-virgin girl thinks about a relationship she's had with a virgin guy such as myself...Thank you if you got this far.
  11. I was checking postsecret today and found a few related to waiting! This first one is kinda funny, but nice to hear about someone who has only ever slept with their spouse. The other two have inapropriate pictures, but I will quote them because they're also related to waiting. "I didn't take your virginity because I felt it (the relationship) was going to end and I love you so much, I want it to be special for you." "After 15 years, I am still inexhaustibly aroused by the woman I married. You are gorgeous baby!"
  12. I thought you all, more than anyone else, would find this true love story particularly adorable, romantic, and dreamy. TL;DW This does contain a lot of things about God's hand; but also how the couple listened to their heart and actually found each other--californian and an alaskan! And how bad choices or a rough few younger years can be overcome. And purity can be restored
  13. THE SEX POEM Good morning guys and gals, check out this poem I wrote a while back on the topic of sex. I pray it inspires someone.