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Found 5 results

  1. I thought i'd share this video. I think this woman does a wonderful job of sharing her reasons for waiting in a relevant, friendly way. I hope young women (and men) hear what she has to say and consider the option of waiting. The way she speaks about it is refreshing. Here is the YouTube video. The Truth about waiting to have Sex till Marriage
  2. I've seen a lot of posts recently asking how to set a profile picture on the forums. Instead of having new members be assaulted by messages and instructions I decided to just make a video walkthrough to guide people through it. So here it is.
  3. Hey, guys! Found this video and thought you'd like it. (I cried) xxx
  4. Happy New Year 2015, guys!

    Hey, guys! Happy New Year 2015! Anyway, just thought I'd do this... xxx
  5. Found an article on Catholic Link, which had these two videos. They're both adverts and they're both pretty short. Disclaimer: I'm not promoting these companies...obviously. Well, Coke's okay... So, the article argued that society has the mentality of that first video: that children are the root of all misery and discomfort, a flaw in marriage which should be avoided and protected against. Whereas, in the first video, children are seen as challenging and demanding, parenting is a sacrifice, but nonetheless, children are sources of happiness. As the article puts it, one video is about "glorified egoism" and the second is about "venturesome generosity". What are your thoughts on these videos? How do you think that society (in general) views children? And how do you view children in marriage? Are they optional extras to a marriage, or do they spring from the heart of it? xxx