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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, new and old to the forums! I have noticed a lot of acronyms being used here that I had never heard of, and thought it would be helpful to keep a running list of these to be easily accessed for confused members! Most you won't see on the forums, but in chat. The ones that you will see people using most often in regular posts I put in teal. There are a ton more acronyms but I put the ones I have seen and think the people in this forum would use to keep the list short. I also added some words you may hear in chat or on the forums that have a specific definition there. If you know any more I should put up on this guide I would love your input, I'm sure I've missed some and will keep it updated. A atm - at the moment afk - away from keyboard ack - ACK! (noise of fear/surprise) or acknowledged B brb - be right back bf - boyfriend/best friend bff - best friend forever btw - by the way boot - kicked from the chat room for being inactive too long C cu/cya - see you (later) D dd/ds/dh/dw - dear daugter/son/husband/wife E F F2F - face to face FAQ - frequently asked question fwiw - for what it's worth fyi - for your information G gf - girlfriend H hru- how are you I idk - I don't know IM - instant message imo - in my opinion imho - in my humble opinion irl - in real life J jk - just kidding K k/kk - OK L lol - laughing out loud lmao - laughing my a** off M N newbie - someone new to the forum or chat nmh- nodding my head (Yes) np - no problem nvm - nevermind O omg - oh my god/gosh OP - original post(er) OT - off topic otw - on the way P PM - private message pc - private chat Q R rofl - rolling on floor laughing S smh - shake my head SO - Significant Other T tgif - thank goodness it's Friday TMI - too much information ttfn - ta-ta for now ttyl - talk to you later ty - thank you U V W waiter - a person who is waiting until marriage wb - welcome back WTM - wait(ing) 'till marriage X Y yw - you're welcome Z