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Found 1 result

  1. The secret of happiness

    Original french article published here: Translated in english by G. Today I share a thought that I read on the Facebook profile of a friend girl, that reflect what we often share on this platform: Never make anyone or anything as an idol. In reality, no one has the power to make you unhappy and / or miserable. Basically, we experience happiness based on decisions, choices we make every day: the choice to love, to forgive ... in short, the choice of obeying the divine principles (Psalm 1: 1 -3), the spiritual laws that God has established. At a seminar devoted to couples at the University of Fresno (California), one of the speakers asked a woman in the audience: "Your husband makes you happy there? He makes you really happy? " At that time, the husband looked up, totally confident. He knew that his wife would answer in the affirmative because she had never complained during their marriage. However, his wife responded with a "no" thundering "no" very categorical ! "No, my husband does not make me happy! "Her husband was completely taken aback, but she continued: "My husband never made me happy and he does not make me happy! I am happy. " "Being happy or not does not depend on him but me. My happiness depends on only one person: me. This is my decision that I will be happy in every situation and at every moment of my life, because if my happiness depended on someone, something or circumstance on the face of the earth, I would have serious problems. Everything that exists in this life changes continually: humans, wealth, my body, climate, my will, pleasures, friends, my physical and mental health. In fact, the list is endless. I have to decide to be happy independently of everything else. My house to be full or empty: I'm happy! I go out accompanied or alone: ​​I am happy! I earn a good salary or not: I am happy! I am now married but I was already happy single. I am happy with myself. I call "experiences" other things, people, moments, situations. They may or may not bring me moments of joy or sadness. When someone I love dies, I am a happy person who lives an inevitable moment of sadness. I learn through transient experience and live out those that are eternal such as love, forgive, help, understand, accept, comfort. Some people say: today I can not be happy because I am sick, because I have no money, because it is very hot, because it is very cold because someone one insulted me, because someone does not love me, because I was not able to put myself in value, because my husband is not as I expected, because my children don’t make me happy, because my friends did not make me happy, because my work is uninteresting, and so on. I love the life I live but not because my life is easier than the other. This is because I decided to be happy and I am responsible for my happiness. When I remove this obligation to my husband and to any other person, I release the weight to carry me on off their shoulders. Their life is much lighter. And that's how I managed to have a happy marriage throughout these years. " The moral of this story ? you guessed it: Never leave in the hands of another person such a great responsibility to assume and create your own happiness. Be happy and glad, even when it's hot, even when you are sick, even when you do not have money even when a person has injured or hurt you, even when we do not love you or that one does not consider you to your true value. Good advice for women and men of all ages. He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He that keepeth understanding shall find good. (Proverbs 19: 8) Who is the man who loves life, who wants to extend it to enjoy happiness? Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit; Depart from evil, and do good; Search peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34: 14-15) May God help us! Aisha