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Found 5 results

  1. Sorry if the question I ask is a bit deep or personal, but I wonder if people here realize that some of you sound like you have fallen in love with an idea so much that you forget that you are looking to fall in love with a person. I use to work in a shelter with domestic violence victims, and some would go back to the abuser. The reason was usually because they were in love with the security of saying they weren't alone. They were in love with the memories of the person, not the person themselves anymore. We all have preferences, that's normal. But when we let the preferences control us, then we miss out on so many things life has to offer. This all came to me after seeing the comic and it made me realize the things that come and go in our lives. People of all sorts come into our lives, and everyone has something to teach us and we have something to teach them. We learn and grow from those around us, and if we focus so much on what we want in life, we miss out of what we might need in life to learn and live. But, this is just a thought that came to me, so what do you think: do we fall in love with our ideas more than the person?
  2. A question for Christians

    Hi I'm not sure if it's correct to ask this question here , but I couldn't find a better community that could answer my question . I've recently seen some Christians accept gay marriage and there are even some churches for them. but as long as I'm concerned there are some strict verses in Bible that condemn homosexuality. I wanted to know your opinion . Is it that common among Christians ? do you accept it or not? PS: My question is for Christians but other faiths and believes are welcome to tell me their opinion about homosexuality . Thanks
  3. Dating sites?

    Hi there! I'm curious about dating sites and the relationships one might find using them. Are there dating sites specially-dedicated for waiters? Is it hard to find someone to date who is alright with waiting till marriage but is not extremely sociopolitically or religiously conservative? Which dating sites are the best for people like us? I really do want to find my soul mate one day but feel like the search is extremely difficult. :/
  4. So, I'm a very touch-centered person who loves hugs and cuddling, even with people I just see as friends. However, when in a dating situation, these things have often seemed to send the wrong message, especially kissing. As someone who's WTM, does anyone else encounter this problem? How have other waiters who love touch and closeness avoided temptation when dating? How do you make sure your partner understands the barriers you've put in place while still engaging in some non-sexual physical closeness? Does allowing such non-sexual contact (hand-holding, hugs, cuddling, maybe kissing) cause more frustration than no contact?
  5. Just wondering what everybody knows about the Silver Ring Thing. I was sorta thinking about joining their Tour Team, but the homophobia evident in the application gave me some pause. Do you guys think it's a good group to work with? Also, what are the specifics of their vow?