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Found 2 results

  1. "Lock and Key"-thing

    In Denmark we have a saying that annoyed me for a while. I dont know if other countries have the equivalent, but here it is translated: "A lock that can be opened by many keys is a bad lock, but a key that can open many locks is a master-key!" Of course, the locks and keys representing women and men, respectively. I thought about it recently, and this is my conclusion: A lock that is opened by many "keys", is really either being lock-picked, forced open or maybe it is indeed a bad lock. And a "key" that opens many locks, is either a lock-pick or any key just opening bad locks. After all, a good lock is designed to be opened by only one key, and vice versa
  2. Not waiting on Purpose BUT

    Hey ladies. I want your honest outlook / opinion / perspective on this. Fairly young about to head off to college. I don't plan on waiting (I already haven't). I plan on doing many things and experiences.... But... When I marry I do want a woman who is pure and chaste. Haha I want a waiter because that would be just so cute and adorable. What do you think? Thinking about marrying myself off to a girl / woman that hasn't waited makes me cringe... Also women who wait are in my opinion the epitome of *insert word that reflects awesomeness and strength*. I know that it would be a deal breaker for me(been through it once). I'm that hopeless romantic type of guy so I guess I just want all your love *blush*. There you go so tell me your thoughts!