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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! My name is Rachael and I found this site because I have no idea what to do when it comes to men, much less dating. I used to be really overweight, nerdy, and very quiet. In fact most of my family thought I was mute when I was little. As a result I was always a loner, friends never lasted long and boys looked me over. And I was a late bloomer when it came to guys, in fact I didn't even notice them until this year . But men are not interested usually in girls who are more like a guy than feminine. I got ignored a lot, I could talk to guys but they would always look at my sisters like I wasn't there. It destroyed the view I had of myself, I thought I was ugly, stupid, and not worth anyone's time. Fast-forward some years later, massive amount of weight lost, and the wallflower is no longer invisible! My goal is to be a Marine, and ultimately the first female Marine Sniper. I'm still a tomboy, nerdy, but not so much quiet. And guys are noticing me, which is why I'm on this awesome site! I am a Christian and I am determined to wait till marriage. My siblings didn't wait and I don't want to follow in their footsteps. But I'm finding out that even if a guy says he's a Christian, doesn't mean he has the same views of sex as me . Also telling a guy I'm waiting till marriage makes most of them more determined to get into my pants. I'm a unicorn apparently . I am hoping to get help on this site with dating and men in general. Especially since I'm going into the military and I'll be on my own without my bulldog of a mother, who's extremely protective of her last virgin daughter. That's my story! Any questions I'll answer! Don't hold back if your curious about something I am an open book.
  2. Waiting for a the guy who tried

    I had my son when I was 20. I've split with his mother and have decided to wait since then. I realize the value in waiting after that whole fiasco, but it seems like women who are waiting don't take me seriously because I already take care of my little one. Does it seem crazy for someone in my situation to try and meet fellow waiters? I have so much more respect for women that do, but the feeling hasn't always been mutual. Any thoughts?
  3. Does anyone have any advice on dating a non waiter man? I found a really awesome guy and we get along very well, but it's been mainly through Skype and text, we haven't meet face to face yet. Our situation could go two ways, we'll be awesome friends, or their will be a spark between us and we have a problem. I'm a Christian, he isn't, I'm waiting till marriage, he's already told me he would control himself but ultimately want more. There's to many what if's for us. What do you guys think? He's already looking up stuff on dating a waiter.