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Found 2 results

  1. Baby names?

    Does anyone else like to keep a list of names they like? I don't devote much time to it or anything, but when I hear a name I like, I put in down in a draft I have. Sometimes I'll hear a name I love and file it away in my mind but forget about it later, so I like to record them for future reference. It's not just for possible names for my children either, when I got a dog I used it and also if I want to write something and need character names. I figure that in 10 years or whenever I am starting to have kids, I will probably have different names, but some have stayed on there for a while. Some of my favorites: for girls: Charlotte Delia Eleanor Elsie Ida - love this name this name, I named my favorite stuffed animal when I was younger Ida and still love it Ragnild (ruh-kneeled) Roslyn for boys: Alistair - I think this is common in other countries, but I've never heard it here Gregor/Greg Henry Lloyd - I don't think I would ever name my kid this, but I still like it Monroe Oliver I really like old fashioned names that aren't as common, so beautiful.
  2. So do you guys think you'll use pet names when you get married? Do any of you already have pet names picked out? For those who are currently in relationships, do you have a pet name(s) for your partner? Do you think you would name yourselves as a couple? e.g. Branjelina Personally the one pet name I cannot stand is "babe". I don't know why . I think I would like a couple name though. I think it would be fun coming up with it and it will make us sound like a team.