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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, guys! This is the official appreciation thread for The Phantom of the Opera. This is where to post any videos, pictures, comments and whatnot related to Gaston Leroux's novel, the movies, the musicals, the music, and so on. I'll just kick things off with my favourite Phantom song (with Michael Crawford): Also, here's one of the original illustrations from the first edition, with Erik modelling a Red Death costume and totally rocking it: So, I know there are Phantom fans on here. Get posting. If you refuse, you will give Faust to-night in a house with a curse upon it. xxx (Thanks to zoyuxi for suggesting this!)
  2. I was thinking... Does this site have like a "VirginsList" yet? Like the virgins version of Craigslist where sexually abstinent ppl can place ads for other chaste ppl, ie virginal roommates, music band members, babysitters, activity partners, actors for movies, romance and friendship personals, etc? I'm building a virgin love entertainment network channel for the web that I would like to become a cable TV network within the next 5-10 years but I'll need to find more Virgin Lovers for talent and crew, to make it all more authentic and mission-based. Craigslist sucks when seeking out healthy, pure people, and since WTM is already a global social network for us, that's how I came up with the idea for VirginsList. What do you think?? Thanks guys!
  3. I'd like to know everyone's opinion on the movie "40 year old virgin". When I saw the preview was thinking that the movie is a typical mockery of people who are WTM. I didn't see it fully but I managed to see parts of it towards the end and then my thoughts leaned more toward that the movie is actually putting WTM in a good light. Now my question is, is it poking fun at WTM-ers orsupporting it?