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Found 1 result

  1. unwanted dreams

    Ive been having alot of sexual dreams lately and I dont get why. My belief is that dreams are from the subconscious mind, and a way to get messages from the spirit world ie: God, guardian angels but unfortunately also demons. at first when I would get these dreams or I shall say nightmares I would be confused as to what my mind was trying to say. Then after another one I realized that it couldn't be my desire or lust because the actions happening in these nightmares are dark, some kind of violent but not from love. In the nightmares I can hear "my thoughts" but they are not mine and these thoughts are telling me to do inappropriate things that I simply dont want to do in reality. Alot of these nightmares lately have been showing me promiscuity, sleeping with different men and wild sex acts. In the nightmares everything feels real and I can feel my lust and desire growing really strong at these times. That's usually when I fight and have to wake myself up and when I wake up im me again, and im annoyed because those desires arent mine. I dont wake up with lust I usually wake up digusted and confused. This usually only when I take naps, not when I have full nights rest I dont get why this is happening all of a sudden ive never had this happen before, has anyone else had this annoying experience?