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Found 1 result

  1. ...If marriage is right for you? I ask myself this question Im not saying Im destined to be alone but I know when I get married I might be with that person pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY and thats alot for me. When Im in a relationship with someone Im fine with seeing them a couple times a week, anymore than that and I feel smothered. My last boyfriend wanted to text me everyday and I wasnt used to it but I tried it, after a while I felt drained and upset all the time I just didnt like having to contact someone every freakin day. I also havent had the chance to live ALONE yet (maybe thats why Im like this) and I REALLY want to do that first before getting married. I just really enjoy my me time but yes I also will enjoy spending time with the one I love. Ive read about marriages where people live in separate houses or sleep in separate beds and theyve been happily married for many years, I dunno if I would do that but I guess it was good to see that its possible to be happy while not being with eachother all the time. I just know I'd have to marry someone that understands me because there are days when I just dont feel like talking at all and normal people take offense to that, they think I maybe upset or sad but I just don't wanna talk that day. I dont mind listening to other people talk but if it requires me to initiate anything I get annoyed, then I feel bad for making a friend feel bad. There are also days where I want complete silence...and then I hear some people say "when you find him you will want to be with him everyday" but I know myself and I need some time alone. Anyway with the way I am, I do often fear that Im not marriage material or that if I find a great guy I will ruin it with my introverted ways? Ive heard some people say marriage isnt for everyone and with me wanting to be a Fashion designer that made me worry even more because the top female fashion designers that I know of are all single/divorced...Yes I like being alone at times but I dont want to be lonely forever and die sad and alone that would be horrible. is anyone else this complicated?