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Found 1 result

  1. New member intro./Aloha!

    Hello, I just joined, & want to introduce myself. When I was in my early 20's I wasn't sure I wanted to get married when I would/will meet my soulmate. I thought we would be in a loving, committed monogamous, ever lasting relationship -without being officially married. Living in an area when I was 24 where most people of different ages had sex with practically everyone else in the community made me want to be more conservative. I also decided after experiencing living in that area that I wanted to be married when I did/do meet my soulmate. I grew up in a very loving home-my wonderful, loving parents adopted me from Mexico as a baby. I then grew up in Northern California in the foothills. I am still spiritual, although not apart of the religion I grew up with. I am still very close friends with people in the church I was raised in, & am grateful my friends & family that are active in the church love me for me & treat me with nothing other than respect & love! A couple years ago, I was blessed to have achieved living where I've dreamed of living my whole life! I live by the warm ocean waters of Hawaii! I have waited to attract my beloved life partner, as I have wanted to do a lot of inner work on myself & become the kind of person I want to be for me & for the kind of person I want to attract to be my beloved partner & husband.